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This Character Roster lists the current and former characters in the The Shielded Lands campaign. Please follow these instructions on how to add your character to this list..

70. Failure is not an option - it is mandatory. The option is whether or not to let failure be the last thing you do.

— The Seventy Maxims of Maximally Effective Mercenaries

Active Characters

These are currently active characters in the campaign.

Character Name Player Name Status Level Class Race Character Sheet

[[]] Gilbert 1 's Character Sheet
[[]] Pete 1 's Character Sheet
[[]] mistercmp 1 's Character Sheet
[[]] McSleuthBurgur 1 's Character Sheet


Those who have fallen. Descending by time of death.

Character Name Player Name Status Level Class Race Character Sheet
Finainn McSleuthBurgur Dead (Glory of the Wravem Scouts) 1 Artificer Elf, High Finainn's Character Sheet
Shireen Cc Dead (Taken by Owlbear) 1 Barbarian Human, Child Shireen's Character Sheet
Marcus Primus Septimus Gilbert Dead (Xvart counter-charge) 1 Fighter Human Marcus Primus Septimus's Character Sheet
Hanz the Sweaty Agr Dead (Xvart stone slingers) 1 Warlock Elf, Sea Hanz the Sweaty's Character Sheet
Sister Mercy mistercmp Dead (More Xvarts) 1 Sorcerer Aasimar Sister Mercy's Character Sheet
HaZoR THE eTeRnaL Haze Dead (Et tu Xvart) 1 Wizard Gnome, Rock HaZoR THE eTeRnaL's Character Sheet
Ivy Cc Dead (Dragged away by wolves) 1 Sorcerer Aasimar, Protector Ivy's Character Sheet
Ivan Vanko mistercmp Dead (Dragged away by wolves) 1 Fighter Human Ivan Vanko's Character Sheet
Tiberius Secundus Septimus Gilbert Dead (Covering the Retreat) 1 Fighter Human Tiberius Secundus Septimus's Character Sheet
Kraiak McSleuthBurgur Dead (yes, many causes) 1 Sorcerer, Wild Magic Aarakocra Kraiak's Character Sheet
Regulus Tertius Septimus Gilbert Dead (Fire & Flames) 2 Fighter Human Regulus Tertius Septimus's Character Sheet
Dexter Dext Dead (Bled out) 2 Monk Genasi, Water Dexter's Character Sheet
Astrid Arklys micmic25 Dead (Slain by Chazzil) 3 Hexblade Warlock Human Astrid Arklys's Character Sheet
Hazor Haze Dead (Slain by Chazzil) 3 Wizard Gnome, Rock Hazor's Character Sheet
Samarel McSleuthBurgur Dead (Sa'mores imitation) 3 Ranger, The Bad One Half-Orc Samarel's Character Sheet
Hooded Priestess micmic25 Dead (Refused to submit to Zogrozath) 4 Hexblade Warlock Human Hooded Priestess's Character Sheet
Igor Vanko mistercmp MIA (Refused to submit to Zogrozath) 4 Fighter, Warlock Half-Drow Igor Vanko's Character Sheet
Sparsam McSleuthBurgur Dead (Backfire in the hole) 4 Battle Smith Sea Elf Sparsam's Character Sheet
Grawl pete Dead (Lethal necrosis aura exposure) 4 Ranger Human Grawl's Character Sheet
Romulus Quartus Septimus Gilbert Dead (Warp Spaced) 4 Fighter, Battle Master Human Romulus Quartus Septimus's Character Sheet
Millet pete Dead (The abyss stared back) 4 Peace Domain Cleric Blue Dragonborn Millet's Character Sheet
Silus Sidonius Cicero Agr Dead (Shadows throwing shade) 4 Rogue, Bard Human Silus Sidonius Cicero's Character Sheet
Birdie! McSleuthBurgur Petrified (Securing the Evacuation) 5 Shadow Monk, Barbarian Kenku Birdie!'s Character Sheet
Eida Goodberrel Gilbert Dead (Cart Accident) 5 Thief Lightfoot Halfling Eida Goodberrel's Character Sheet
Bear, the Bear Gilbert Dead (Petrified and Shattered) 6 Bearbarian Bear Bear, the Bear's Character Sheet
Hektatus Gilbert Dead (Death by Immolation) 6 Artificer Human Hektatus's Character Sheet
Elizabeth Serendipity micmic25 PKIA (Presidential Bunker) 6 Fighter, Order of Scribes Wizard Sea Elf Elizabeth Serendipity's Character Sheet
Inora McSleuthBurgur Dead (Blender of Bones) 7 Wizard Goliath Inora's Character Sheet
Briscuit pete Dead (Soul Sucked) 7 Rogue Lizardfolk Briscuit's Character Sheet
Athena Septima Gilbert Dead (Bitches Love Cannons) 8 Paladin, Watchers Half-Elf Athena Septima's Character Sheet
Maximus Quintus Septimus Gilbert Dead (Bleed out) 9 Rune Knight, Trickster Cleric Goliath Maximus Quintus Septimus's Character Sheet
Takashi Haze Dead (Slaughtered in Melee) 9 Fighter, Samurai Half-Drow Takashi's Character Sheet
Caius Canicus Cicero Agr Dead (In the Inky Depths) 10 Fighter, Battlemaster Human Caius Canicus Cicero's Character Sheet
Arcturus Omnibus Septimus Gilbert Alive (Temporal Imprisonment with Zuggtmoy) 16 Wizard, Transmuter Human Arcturus Omnibus Septimus's Character Sheet
Sister Beta mistercmp Dead (Disintegrated) 17 Fighter, Celestial Warlock, Divine Soul Cyborg Sister Beta's Character Sheet


Those who have achieved their victories and now take their well-earned rest.

Character Name Player Name Status Level Class Race Character Sheet
Octavius Septimus Septimus Gilbert Retired to his lands in Wravem 17 Wizard, Abjurer Human Octavius Septimus Septimus's Character Sheet
Goulash pete Retired to rule the Vlormer Freehold 17 Barbarian, Beast Goliath Goulash's Character Sheet
Father Pureal mistercmp Retired 17 Father Pureal's Character Sheet

Languages Known

Character Name Abyssal Celestial Deep Speech Draconic Dwarvish Elvish Giant Gnomish Goblin Halfling Infernal Orc Primordial Sylvan Undercommon Druidic Thieves' Cant
Caius Canicus Cicero x x
Ogami Yukie x
Sister Beta x