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Mina is an experienced mercenary who has joined the Dadun Goofed Mercenary Company.

Physical Description

Mina is a tall redhead with green eyes on a slim and fit frame. She wears a garish outfit, which appears at a glance to have been tailored by a madman.

Her slashed doublet and pants are festooned with pockets of dandelion yellow which peek through from underneath red puffy sleeves. Her wide-brimmed hat is similarly styled with a large red feather perched atop.

She wears a worn breastplate, along with simple bracers, and a single gauntlet upon her right hand. Her wide-brimmed hat conceals a skullcap.

Since her brush with death at the hands of a hostile spirit, Mina has developed a fresh patch of gray hair, and since attuning to the Blade of Embers, motes of flaming embers can be seen dancing in her eyes.

After the defeat of the self-titled "God Emperor" Pegema, and the tragic loss of Gilbert, Mina has taken to carrying the Sacred Scabbard belonging to her late employer.

Early Career

Mina has spent the past 20 years in and around Port Hamor. She was raised by her father who brought her to Dadun from Belothlond. Prior to his death, her father struggled to make ends meet as a watchman in service to Lord Commander Adwick.

At fifteen, Mina began working out of Port Hamor signing up with a small group calling themselves "Dadun's Own" and working with them for several years. The entire company was conscripted by lord Adwick who required aid during the demonic incursion.

Dadun's Own was made up of thirteen members. Torrence, Lambert, Miller, Dulcet, and Willemina were the old-guard, Parker, Tod, and Orren had all joined over a year ago, and the rest of the group was filled out with fresh recruits who joined mere weeks before the demon's arrived.

During the siege, the demons made dozens of raids into the city.

On the first night of the siege, Dadun's Own was at the Vanguard. As the enemy approached, Lambert (the company medic) was struck with cowardice, and he fled the field. This resulted in grave losses for Dadun's Own, leaving only Mina and Orren alive by morning.

Later in the seige, while fighting atop the battlements, alongside her father, a firey blast struck the wall, throwing both Mina and her father over the back railing, and through the roof of a small shed.

Mina suffered minor burns, but her father was unfortunately killed by the fall.

After taking some time to recover from her injuries, Mina chose to seek out the Dadun Goofed Mercenary Company, in the hopes of lining her now empty pockets.


Mina is a follower of Tempus. She values Honor and Glory in combat.

Tempus's honor prohibits her from spilling the blood of innocent non-combatants, engaging in torture or breaking ranks to flee ahead of her commanders.

Mina also venerates the Red Knight and Valkur, both of whom are exarchs of Tempus.

She holds warriors in the highest esteem.


Mina likes Gilbert and Nala. They pay her. For as long as that holds true, Mina will continue to take her orders directly from Gilbert and Nala.