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Vinosea, the Theocracy of the Golden Blade, is run by the Council of High Priests. This council is comprised of the high priests (or priestesses) of major religions. Decisions are made by votes by proportion of faithful. Generally speaking, the government is authoritarian. While new religions are treated well, even welcomed, apostasy and heresy are severely prosecuted. Despite this, the Council routinely sends out missionary groups into other nations and the wilderness to bring their religious ideals to those people and to bring those peoples' religions back. Refusing entry to these missionaries is generally seen by the Council as an insult: they are on a mission from god, after all. This has lead to military skirmishes along their borders with other states.

Physical Area

The Theocracy of Vinosea covers an area of 118 thousand square miles. Of this, 34% (40 thousand sq. miles) is arable land, and 65% (77 thousand sq. miles) is wilderness.


The Theocracy of Vinosea has a total population of 7 million people. The Council of High Priests does not enforce any restrictions on migration, so the population is fairly diverse and changes somewhat rapidly.


The largest city has a population of 39 thousand people, the second largest 27 thousand. There are 3 other cities of note in the kingdom, and 60 towns. The remaining population lives in numerous small villages, isolated dwellings, etc.


Tatun is the capital city, housing 39 thousand people. This is center of government and the Vinosean military. It is carved out of a mountain side, and has very little arable land near it. It was chosen due to its centrality in Vinosea. It depends on daily shipments of food from the surrounding towns and villages.


Patun is the primary port city of Vinosea and the second largest city, with 27 thousand people living there. Most of Vinosea's international trade and over-seas missionaries originate from this port. It is ensconced in a natural bay, giving it easy shelter from storms and hostile forces. This safety, however, also means the port is easily blockaded, which has happened in every war that Vinosea has ever fought.


Lahyrst is the third larget city in Vinosea. Located near its land border with The Sorcerous Kingdom of Eglas, Lahyrst holds the second largest contingent of military forces in Vinosea, second only to the capital, Tatun. This position, despite its relative danger, promotes a brisk trade with neighboring lands.


The Theocracy of Vinosea has 141 active castles and 16 ruined. Of these, 106 castles and 12 ruined are in civilized lands, and 35 castles and 4 ruined are in the wilderness, along borders, etc.