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Back in the early summer of 2016 a random group of strangers who met each other while playing the game Insurgency got together and decided that they could make a better server then the one they regularly played in. Over the next several months this group of strangers worked together to build a new and better server, where players were guaranteed a fun, challenging, and well-moderated environment. Later that month #VIPLIVESMATTER was born and this group of strangers became a group of close friends known as |VIP|.

By early 2017, |VIP| had grown to over 40 members and expanded to several other games including: Rust, Rainbow Six Siege, Stellaris, Day of Infamy, Don't Starve Together, Tabletop Simulator, and many more!

What was once a random group of strangers transformed into a community of players who continually game together in ever expanding directions. Our group isn't just a group of strangers anymore, instead it has become a community of friends and like-minded gamers who are looking to make gaming memories together.

We have been fortunate to gain such an amazing group of core players who have since become moderators, administrators, and leaders of our community. These outstanding people have helped to make our community what it is, along with the players who game in our servers everyday. We hope that you will join us in our gaming adventures and consider helping to support us in further improving and expanding the community that we love!

If you would like to find out more information about our servers and our gaming community, the |VIP|, please feel free to poke around our pinned discussions on the steam group. To get even more involved you can also join us in either our TeamSpeak 3 server (info posted in discussions) for voice chat or our Discord server (link posted below) for text based chat using the information and links provided below.

Furthermore, posted below you can also find a link to our website where we have our forums page and redirect links to our; gameme page (for our Insurgency server), sourceban system (for filing complaints and ban appeals), and server donation pages for all of our community servers.

Lastly, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please direct them to any |VIP| steam group moderators and administrators, thanks.

Discord Server

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