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The Realm of Tumunzar is a nation that is controlled by the mountain homes. Each settlement outside of the mountain homes serves a mountain home, providing materials, men and information. In return, the mountain homes provide protection to each of the settlements. Prior to the War of the Homes, each mountain home was its own fiefdom. Now, the homes are aligned under the banner of The Realm of Tumunzar. Politically, the realm is a direct democracy, with major decisions requiring a poll of every person living in the Realm. This makes for slow changes in generally, leading to an apparently conservative take on most issues.

There is one major exception to this: war. Military matters are handled by the Hammer-in-Chief, a position that rotates between the Head Hammerers in each mountain home on a decennial basis. Currently, the Hammer-in-Chief is Hammer Lord Furi of the mountain home Isankalan, "Stilltrail". He started serving in 1380 and is scheduled to pass the mantle to the next Hammer Lord in 1390.

Physical Area

The Realm of Tumunzar covers an area of 127 thousand square miles. Of this, 52% (67 thousand sq. miles) is arable land, and 47% (59 thousand sq. miles) is wilderness.


The Realm of Tumunzar has a total population of 10 million people. The mountain homes are mostly occupied by dwarves, though some of them have taken to living in settlements on the surface. Non-dwarves are welcome to live in the mountain homes, but the nature of living below ground causes most to seek the surface eventually.


The largest mountain home has a population of 54 thousand people, the second largest 27 thousand. There are 4 other mountain homes of note in the kingdom, and 60 surface towns. The remaining population lives in numerous small villages, isolated mines, etc.

Kotbistok, "Starthairy"

The largest mountain home in The Realm with 54 thousand people. It is the oldest of the mountain homes, and was previously the most powerful when the kingdoms that now make up The Realm were separate.

Vushsashas, "Heatrush"

The second most populous mountain home with 27 thousand people living there. It was sacked during the War of the Homes, and reconstruction is still ongoing.

Isankalan, "Stilltrail"

Previously the richest of the mountain homes, with deep veins of iron, gold and other precious materials, most of the wealth is currently going towards rebuilding Vushsashas.

Kikusith, "Speckgrim"

A smaller mountain home on the border with Vinosea, it often has missionaries visiting.

Vunomzangin, "Lungcreek"

A smaller mountain home centrally located within The Realm. Most of the realm's internal trading passes near or through it. As a result, it serves as the administrative center for the Realm. It houses many bureaucrats who manage the day-to-day happenings within the Realm in accordance with the referendums that have been circulated.

Kitigmistem, "Busyportal"

A smaller mountain home near the border with The Kingdom of Belothlond. Due to recent tensions, there is a large military presence here.


The Realm of Tumunzar has 203 active castles and 19 ruined. Of these, 143 castles and 13 ruined are in civilized lands, and 60 castles and 6 ruined are in the wilderness, along borders, etc.