The Sword & Board Inn

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The Sword & Board Inn is the largest inn within Port Hamor. Frequented by travelers, soldiers, and adventurers alike, The Sword & Board Inn is a good place to rest, have a meal, and hear the latest rumors on the goings on from outside the city wall. Adventurers, especially, are apt to come here and share boastful tales of their adventures. The inn keeper, Ogerth, is also the owner and was a missionary before his arrival in Port Hamor.


The Sword & Board Inn is located at the center of Port Hamor, at the cross-roads between the West and Coastal Highways. It sits opposite the short road that leads to Castle Hamor.


The inn serves meals, has lots of various quality rooms, and serves the needs any traveler in its walls.


Due to the large nature of the inn and the nature of its patrons, there is a permanent presence of the city watch inside the inn. Troublemakers are quickly "escorted" to less pleasant accommodations in the dungeons of Caste Hamor.