The Kudal Group

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Pay what is due, and The Kudal Group will not harm you. Rejecting this offer will lead Generalissimo Amity Water to bring her armies down upon you and crush you into dust. A satrapy formed from baronies, villages and freeholds along the Icrostonian frontier, Amity rules with an iron fist, but has taken only limited lands for herself. Subsisting mostly by "taxing" the caravans between Icroston and the weather Duchy of Itranate, The Kudal Group has grown wealthy.

Rapid Growth

The Kudal Group emerged from obscurity only twelve years ago, when Amity Water emerged with a small band of raiders from The Barren Wastes and took a minor castle on the trade road between Icroston and the Duchy of Itranate. Leveraging their position to extort caravans passing along the road, eventually Icroston send a military force to evict them. Not only was this force annihilated, Amity Water when pushed back along road, taking several towns and villages. Named Generalissimo by her followers, she then set about conquering a small, but important, area of land.

Mysterious Strength

Amity Water has never been seen outside her armor, and it is rumored that her armor is able to turn away even the sharpest of blades made by the master blade-smiths of the Ivrevia Empire.