The Immortal Veil/Campaign Rules

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These rules govern The Immortal Veil.

General Rules

  1. Every player is allowed one character at a time, created according to the character creation rules
  2. The entire party levels on milestone XP.
  3. Magical items are not "identified" during a short rest. Rather, a character can spend one hour to attune to the magical item to determine what effects it may have and how to use it.
    • This does not reveal the name of the item, or any secret effects, nor does it consume any of the charges (if any) the item has.
    • This is done in lieu of a short rest, during the same time period.
    • The identify spell works per RAW.
  4. Falling unconscious due to 0 HP requires death saves per RAW. If the character survives, they gain a point of exhaustion upon waking.
  5. To use the help action with a skill check, the helper must be proficient in the skill being checked.

Feat Modifications

  1. Archer
    • Increase your Strength by 1, to a maximum of 20.
    • Once per turn, when you make a ranged weapon attack, you can make another attack with the same weapon against a different creature within 5 feet of your original target.
    • You gain a +1 bonus to damage rolls using a bow.
  2. Defensive Duelist
    • ​When you are wielding a melee weapon with which you are proficient and another creature hits you with a melee attack, you can use your reaction to add your proficiency bonus to your AC for that attack, potentially causing the attack to miss you. ​
  3. Grappler
    • ​You have advantage on attack rolls against a creature you are grappling. ​
    • ​You can use your action to try to pin a creature grappled by you. To do so, make another grapple check. If you succeed, the creature is restrained until the grapple ends. ​
    • ​Attacks you make against a creature restrained by you using this feat have their critical hit range expanded by half your proficiency bonus.​
  4. Mage Slayer
    • ​When a creature within 5 feet of you casts a spell, you can use your reaction to make a melee weapon attack against that creature. This attack is made before the spell completes.​
    • ​When you damage a creature that is concentrating on a spell, that creature has disadvantage on the saving throw it makes to maintain its concentration. ​
    • ​You have advantage on saving throws against spells cast by creatures within 15 feet of you. ​
  5. Versatile Fighting
    • ​While wielding a weapon with the versatile property in both hands you gain a +1 to your AC.​
    • ​On your turn, when you score a critical hit with a melee weapon or reduce a creature to 0 hit points with one, you can make one melee weapon attack as a bonus action. ​
    • ​When you make an opportunity attack with the weapon, you have advantage on the attack roll. ​
  6. Warrior Spirit
    • ​Increase your Strength or Constitution score by 1, to a maximum of 20. ​
    • ​Once per short rest, if you fail a saving throw against frightened , you can choose to succeed instead. ​
    • ​Being within 5 feet of a hostile does not impose disadvantage on your ranged attacks. ​
    • ​You gain advantage on ability checks and saving throws against attacks, spells, and effects that attempt to push you, pull you, or knock you prone. ​

Travel Rules

While traveling distances in the world, you can only travel a certain distance per day when using your normal walking pace

Pace Speed Other Effects
Fast 30 miles -5 passive Pereception
Normal 24 miles
Slow 18 miles Able to use Stealth

These speeds are subject to change when traveling over harder to traverse terrains or during adverse weather conditons

Rules Updates

  1. These rules may change from time to time
    • Generally, at least one weeks notice will be given before changes are made
  2. Any characters already in the party that complied with the previous version of the ruleset is grandfathered into the new rules, though any new characters must comply with the latest version of the ruleset at the time of their introduction.