The Dragon Throne

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Proud and strong, the Great Red Dragon Bemrainoir reigns over The Dragon Throne. Lesser dragons of various stripes content with their fiefs inside the Throne-controlled lands, answering only to the Great Dragon. Militant and powerful, these dragons have led multi-generational wars of attrition against Slecia and the Ivrevia Empire.

Tales told of old battles are manifest. The most famous is the tale of the Battle of the Northern Plains, which is the only battle the Great Dragon, Bemrainoir has taken the field in. During the battle, the Dragonite forces broke and began to retreat while Bemrainoir commanded from the sky. Seeing the retreat as cowardice, Bemrainoir descended upon the plain and breathed a great gout of purging fire. The firestorm killed everyone on both sides, except for the Great Dragon. The resulting gully carved deeply into the ground. Over a couple of years, this gully filled-in with water, and became known as the Sea of Fire. To this day, its waters have a sulfurous tinge.