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! <div font="size:50">{{{Name}}}</div>
! <span id="{{{Name}}}" style="font-family:serif">[[{{{Name}}}]]</span>
| {{{Played By}}} || {{{Status}}} || {{{Level}}} || {{{Class}}} || [[File:{{{Played By}}}.{{{Name}}}.pdf|page=1|150px|{{{Name}}}'s Character Sheet]]</includeonly></onlyinclude>
| {{{Played By}}} || {{{Status}}} || {{{Level}}} || {{{Class}}} || {{{Race|}}} || [[:File:{{{Played By}}}.{{{Name}}}.pdf|{{{Name}}}'s Character Sheet]]</includeonly></onlyinclude>

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This is a template for adding a character to a character roster table.

Character Name Player Name Status Level Class Race Character Sheet
Test Char Example Testing 0 Wizard Test Char's Character Sheet