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Rumors that can be heard around The Sword & Board Inn. Gather your party and venture forth to discover what these lead to. Once an adventuring party starts to investigate a rumor here, the DM will remove it. Additional rumors will appear from time-to-time as the campaign goes on and adventures are had. Some adventure write-ups may directly cause rumors to spread.

Crazy things happen all the time. You never known what's just around the corner or behind that door or down in that pit where I threw all those dwarves. Dwarves might be down there still. They're hardy. They bounce sometimes.

— Xanathar

Campaign's Current Date: 10 Basalt 1209.

18 Flint 1387

  • The Lapwing, an official Vinosean vessel was towed into the harbor just outside of Port Hamor. Its mast has been destroyed and the ship appears to have been ravaged by fire.

16 Granite 1387

  • Sailors complain of a dark thunder cloud perpetually hanging over The Parched Frontier desert to the South.
  • "Hope Downs, Professional Delvers" is looking for an armed escort for them while they head West in an archeological expedition.

3 Slate 1386

  • Security around the city walls have been tightened due to recent events.
  • The "secret" diplomatic mission is overdue to return at this point.

22 Diorite 1386

  • A "secret" diplomatic mission has been dispatched south. No one knows where it's going.
  • A trading vessel, the Caedma, was sunk just 20 miles off the coast of Port Hamor by the Peaceful Intentions, which was flying a black flag and nothing else at the time. The pirate ship was last seen sailing north along the coast, past the Whitecrown Mountains.

11 Diorite 1386

  • A group of people dressed in dark cloaks and wearing iron masks tried to kill Lady Iramine at her estate in Port Hamor. 3 assailants were killed and one was taken into custody after getting personally beaten into submission by Lady Iramine.

8 Diorite 1386

  • A shipment of apples from Kassen is overdue by a week at this point.

20 Marble 1386

  • Reports of bandits in the forest west of the road have traders between Port Hamor and Kassen worried.
  • Sailors, drunk or trying to impress, talk of a giant turtle attacking ships that stray too far south of the trade lane to Port Hamor.

14 Marble 1386

  • Black flagged vessels have been seen traveling north along the coast.
  • The goblins to the south have been acting more organized recently.

1 Marble 1386

  • It's well known that the Southern Watchtower, the older of the two, had fallen over a year ago. Soldiers tell tales of hearing noises down the road towards the old watchtower.
  • Drunk soldiers talk; some talk more than they should. A week ago, the Northern Watchtower fell to creatures from the swamps north of it.
  • A visiting halfling is drinking at the bar. He tells tale of a tradition in Kassen of performing a yearly pilgrimage to visit the tomb of the hamlet's founder, Ekat Kassen.
  • In the corner of the bar, a half-orc sits nursing a mug of ale. He offers anyone passing-by a treasure map for sale.