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Would do just about anything for a pear cobbler.

Family Ties

Wunkoc (F) & Nillnu (M)
Grandfather Abin (P) & Grandmother Exora (P)(D*), Grandfather Tudig (M) & Grandmother Yoannie (M)
Ultan (B), Sive (S), Idris (S), and Arnal (S)
Aunt Tadlel (D*), Uncle Ewen, Aunt Searc (D*), Uncle Gourvan, Aunt Aven, Aunt Cassia, Aunt Auria, Uncle Bevan, Uncle Bob[1], and Uncle Oldor
Innumerable cousins

D* : Deceased

Early Life

Raised by his parents in a large gnomish settlement at the edge of the Alfheim, Revart was prone to wanderings and his parents encouraged this. Revart's large family, especially Crazy Aunt Tadlel, would often take Revart on jaunts into the material plane and visit non-gnomish settlements. During this trips, she would entertain Revart with tricks of magic and the two would often play pranks on each other.

Current Situation

Having grown into a full-sized Gnome, Revart has struck out on his own after receiving Aunt Tadlel's effects from the ultimogeniture customs of the gnomes. He has settled into a nice gnome hole he found near Skein and traded his labor as a bushwhacker for food to the farmers there. The peasants of Skein generally regard Revart has an occasionally useful, mostly harmless gnome, that is useful for rooting-out other pests that are too small for the humans to reach easily.

Arcanist's Papers

Crazy Aunt Tadlel went missing about 50 years ago. Since she wasn't using them anymore, Revart inherited her effects. The most interesting of which were a set of papers dealing with arcane knowledge. Revert studies these papers to receive insights into his own arcane learnings. While Aunt Tadlel has gone missing before, it was never for nearly this long. Everyone considers her dead.


  1. We don't talk about Uncle Bob after the noodle incident