Port Hamor

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Port Hamor was founded on 15 Marble 1327 by a missionary expedition from Vinosea, the Theocracy of the Golden Blade. The main city wall was finished in its current form in 1379, greatly reducing the number and effect of attacks on the city by native populations. Currently, the city is lead by Lord Commander Adwic from Caster Hamor. Port Hamor is a fairly modest city by the standards of the five powers. It currently only houses approximately 5 thousand people. Despite this relatively low population, Port Hamor is surrounded by a complete stone wall, a major port for trade, and a well trained and armed city watch.

Notable Features

Map of Port Hamor

The only major city known in Dadun, Port Hamor serves as the central hub for all arrivals from the five powers. Despite increased tensions between the five powers back at home, Port Hamor maintains an open port to all ships, regardless of which colors they fly.

Castle Hamor

Castle Hamor serves as the seat of power for this region. The Lord Commander resides here, where he serves as both the political and military leader. While there is a court of law in the castle to settle most issues, Lord Commander Adwic will preside over important cases, such as those dealing with murder, pillage, or sedition.

The Sword & Board Inn

The Sword & Board Inn is the largest inn within Port Hamor. Frequented by travelers, soldiers, and adventurers alike, The Sword & Board Inn is a good place to rest, have a meal, and hear the latest rumors on the goings on from outside the city wall. Adventurers, especially, are apt to come here and share boastful tales of their adventures. The inn keeper, Ogerth, is also the owner and was a missionary before his arrival in Port Hamor.

Road Gates

Port Hamor is located on what is believed to the East coast of the, unexplored, Dadun. There are 3 main highways which out from town, each heading in a direction that roughly corresponds with a cardinal direction. Care should be exercised when leaving town, as the city watch does not have enough manpower to guarantee safety outside of the city walls.