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Early Life in the Barony of Sarkney

Pavel grew up with his crazy uncle Hugh son of rod after being abandoned by his Parents at the age of 8 for unknown reasons. The two of them lived on the edge of town working as fishermen. Isolated because of his crazy uncle. he spent most his of time exploring the forest trying to entertain himself. Pavel found some hawk eggs when he was 12 and he successfully trained one to adulthood and named it Syl short for Sylphrena. he met the witch of the woods and soon became friends with her. she taught him many things like how to read write and make potions. Pavel made money by working as a guard for the weekly market traveling between skeen and Sarkney. His father was a rich caravan master selling fine jewelry and anything more is unknown for plot reasons.



Father Havel

caravan master

age 56

Mother Anne

wife of Havel

age 49


Rom The halfing

not the brightest great fisher