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The Grand Duchies of Ningonde is ruled by a coalition of merchant guilds. This prompts the motto of the Ningondian foreign ministry: "In peace, gold; in war, steel". Of all of the five major powers, Ningonde serves as the financial center of the world. All currencies and goods can be traded here; there is nothing that is considered contraband. Combined with a general stance of open borders, this makes Ningonde home to the world's largest and most powerful guilds.

Physical Area

The Grand Duchies of Ningonde covers an area of 76 thousand square miles. Of this, 48% (37 thousand sq. miles) is arable land, and 51% (38 thousand sq. miles) is wilderness.


The Grand Duchies of Ningonde has a total population of 6 million people. Due to the open nature of Ningonde's borders, the population demographics shifty widely and rapidly.


The largest city has a population of 34 thousand people, the second largest 20 thousand. There are 3 other cities of note in the kingdom, and 70 towns. The remaining population lives in numerous small villages, isolated dwellings, etc.


The largest city, with 34 thousand people, in Ningonde, Morozna serves as the main trading port and the capital.


The second largest city, Hrava holds 20 thousand people. This is the secondary trading hub, and it is the home port of the Ningonde Navy.


Doleva borders The Sorcerous Kingdom of Eglas and severs as the port of entry for those entering Ningonde from there.


Bisobry sits in the shadow the Veil Mountains on the border between Ningonde and The Kingdom of Belothlond.


Sovaka is located at a corner, where it borders both Vinosea and The Realm of Tumunzar.


The Grand Duchies of Ningonde has 121 active castles and 2 ruined. Of these, 79 castles and 2 ruined are in civilized lands, and 42 castles and 0 ruined are in the wilderness, along borders, etc.