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The Masked Gods of Liras are arrayed as a binary pantheon of Good and Evil deities covering the various domains of divinity. Most people in the world worship the entire pantheon as a whole: asking for the favor of the Good deities and attempting to assuage the Evil ones. Once in a while, a god or goddess chooses a mortal (not necessarily a clergy member) to act in their name and grant them access to some of their power, mediated through The Flow. These are the Clerics and Paladins of this world.


For each domain, the two gods are lists along with their title and symbology.


Tezdona, the Good Goddess of Infamy is represented by three links of golden chain forming a triangle.

Oborh, the Evil God of Torture is represented by a black whip surrounded by drops of blood.


Phorasil, the Good God of Mercy is represented by a single drop of red blood.

Axagi, the Evil God of Souls is represented by a white skull.


Rithys, the Good Goddess of Love is represented by a white dove.

Itia, the Evil Goddess of Autumn is represented by a brown leaf.


Voxeyar, the Good God of the Rivers is represented by four blue vertical lines.

Bamthar, the Evil God of Storms is represented by a black cloud.


Iharae, the Good Goddess of Miracles is represented by a yellow sun.

Gomtuna, the Evil Goddess of Resistance is represented by a gray boulder.


Odar, the Good God of Finance is represented by three platinum coins.

Iteus, the Evil Goddess of Chance is represented by a gold coin.


Iher, the Good God of Shelter is represented by a thick brown horizontal line.

Esyn, the Evil Goddess of Battle is represented by a silver sword.


Agagi, the Good God of Weddings is represented by a blue and yellow venn diagram.

Nyena, the Evil Goddess of Spirits is represented by a yellow tankard.


Guva, the Good Goddess of Fertility is represented by a yellow face.

Retris, the Evil Goddess of Work is represented by a purple anvil.


Thimna, the Good Goddess of Endings is represented by a black skull.

Zova, the Evil Goddess of Jealousy is represented by a green eye.


Ita, the Good Goddess of Blessings is represented by a bundle of white wheat.

Inir, the Evil God of Wonders is represented by a bronze cog.


Aana, the Good Goddess of Winter is represented by nine blue snowflakes surrounding a central star.

Nala, the Evil God of Freedom is represented by three gray wisps of smoke.


Yton, the Good God of Health is represented by a brown steaming bowl.

Rindall, the Evil God of Dreams is represented by a skeletal hand in purple.


Ulo, the Good God of Dusk is represented by a red half-sun.

Xyara, the Evil Goddess of Vengeance is represented by a black flail.