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Hammer Lord Furi is the current Hammer-in-Chief of The Realm of Tumunzar. Born in the mountain home Kitigmistem "Busyportal", he served as a unit commander in the brief war between The Realm of Tumunzar and The Kingdom of Belothlond. He earned a reputation for ferocity in battle, but mercy in the aftermath. This was famously displayed when a company of men under the command of the son and heir of the current king, Aros III, were forced to surrender to Furi after a long siege of their castle. The prisoners were treated well by the dwarves under Furi's command and were successfully used as a bargaining chip to push for a cessation of hostilities.

Desipite political relations between Tumunzar and Belothlond being chilly, that display of mercy started a correspondence between Furi and Aros IV. When King Aros IV ascended to his throne, his back-channel through Hammer Lord Furi has prevented several small clashes and diplomatic incidents between the nations from blowing up into a second war. Hammer Lord Furi was able to leverage this détente between Tumunzar and Belothlond to assist in stabilizing relations between the five major powers. So long as there is a form of alliance between the two major powers, Furi believes that peace can be maintained.