Fragging with Snow Cones/Character Roster

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This Character Roster lists the current and former characters in the Fragging with Snow Cones campaign. Please follow these instructions on how to add your character to this list. Note the following additional stipulations.

70. Failure is not an option - it is mandatory. The option is whether or not to let failure be the last thing you do.

— The Seventy Maxims of Maximally Effective Mercenaries

Active Characters

These are currently active characters in the campaign.

Character Name Player Name Status Level Class Race Character Sheet
Hans Agr Adventuring 5 GOO Warlock Spoopy Human Hans's Character Sheet
Jhoph Grand Lizard Adventuring 5 Druid Kobold! Jhoph's Character Sheet
Nathra McSleuthBurger Adventuring 5 Rogue, War Priest Winged Tiefling Nathra's Character Sheet
Reznya micmic25 Adventuring 5 Way of Mercy Monk Winged Tiefling Reznya's Character Sheet
Gregor mistercmp Adventuring 5 Bladesinger High Elf Gregor's Character Sheet
Tuna pete Adventuring 5 Paladin Triton Tuna's Character Sheet
Dragoon Thomas Adventuring 5 Artillerist Rock Gnome Dragoon's Character Sheet
Gralenor Underdark Adventuring 5 Battle Smith Gnome Gralenor's Character Sheet
Iachon Cc Missing 5 N/A N/A Iachon's Character Sheet


Those who have fallen.

Character Name Player Name Status Level Class Race Character Sheet
Corwen Cc Dead (Polar Bear Snack) 1 Rogue N/A Corwen's Character Sheet
Rhila McSleuthBurger Dead (Mammoth Attack) 2 Moon Druid Aasimar Rhila's Character Sheet
Aaldrel Underdark Dead (Mammoth Attack) 2 Twilight Cleric White Dragonborn Aaldrel's Character Sheet
Kakra Thomas Dead (Mammoth Attack) 2 Monk Aarakocra Kakra's Character Sheet

Languages Known