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These rules govern For a Few Adventurers More.

General Rules

  1. Every player is allowed one character at a time, created according to the character creation rules
  2. Characters can be retired at any time and a new character created, starting in The Sword & Board Inn.
    • Generally, this will be a one-way transition and the retired character will become an NPC under the DM's control
  3. Time will be tracked according to the campaign calendar
    • The current campaign date is 10 Marble 1208
  4. The entire party has one XP value, which is used to determine every player's level (e.g., when the party has 2,700 XP, the entire party is level 4)
  5. Magical items are not "identified" during a short rest. Rather, a character can spend one hour to attune to the magical item to determine what effects it may have and how to use it.
    • This does not reveal the name of the item, or any secret effects, nor does it consume any of the charges (if any) the item has.
    • This is done in lieu of a short rest, during the same time period.
    • The identify spell works per RAW.
  6. Falling unconscious due to 0 HP requires death saves per RAW. If the character survives, they gain a point of exhaustion upon waking.

City Rules

  1. The full set of standard adventuring gear is available for purchase in Port Hamor at market prices[1]
  2. Magical equipment may be sold at prices determined by the DM to a trader at the docks to be re-sold in the five powers
  3. No magical equipment is available for purchase in Port Hamor, except:
    • Potions of Healing (2d4 + 2), from the temples and cathedrals in town for 50gp

Travel Rules

While traveling distances in the world, you can only travel a certain distance per day when using your normal walking pace.

Pace Speed Other Effects
Fast 36 mi (3 hexes) -5 passive Pereception
Normal 24 mi (2 hexes)
Slow 12 mi (1 hex) Able to use Stealth

These are the base speeds, for example, over roads. Traveling in the wilderness is subject to speed modifiers based on the terrain type, with rougher and harder to traverse terrains taking more time to move an equal distance.

Speed modifiers by terrain type

Rules Updates

  1. These rules may change from time to time
    • Generally, at least one weeks notice will be given before changes are made
  2. Any characters in the party that complied with the previous version of the ruleset is grandfathered into the new rules, though new characters made must comply with the latest version of the ruleset.


  1. Player's Handbook: pages 145, 149-151, 154, and 157