Elizabeth Serendipity

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Physical Description

Elizabeth is a young sea elf mage. She does not cast a shadow and has fins on her forearms and calves. Her hair is predominately black with hues of fiendish orange. Her eyes have blood red irises, but are otherwise black.

Early life

Elizabeth does not remember much of her early life, nor does she care to elaborate. She suffers from bouts of poor memory, and relies on her book to help her remember.

Brief Description

Elizabeth has worked loosely in the priesthood covering her presence in Adelale as a simple physician. Her main goals align to learning more about the secrets of magic and magic permanence. She wishes to do better in the world. . .

. . . One day, she retrieved an unusual book from the holy libraries. It spoke to her in strange parables and fairy tales. Elizabeth soon realized the fairy tales were directly based off of a few characters that fought off the Xvarts embedded in the Black falcon timberland. The story was so intriguing, she felt compelled to join what remained of the party. What is the Circlet of Ages? How do we stop the evil right on our doorstep? These questions are fresh on her mind.


Sister Beta was quite interested in the story the book told. She believes it will lead her to finding out what happened to Sister Mary. I'll do what I can to help. She's been a good friend to me.