Dr. Dean Smith

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Dr. Dean Smith is a Artificing Battle Smith Human, though his self-experimentation lines his biology closer to a Yuan-ti Pureblood. He currently has 14 levels of Battle Smith Artificer. He is currently cooperating with the Dadun Goofed Mercenary Company on their various projects and assaults.

Brief Description

Not much is known about Dr. Dean Smith. From what he's insinuated, he helped advance the Artificing craft in the Primacy before it was destroyed. His proclivities to advance the craft has caused him to take risks that have crippled his physical health. One can only imagine what experiments he undertook that did not involve experiments on his own body. He also confesses in taking technical documents and a prototype Warforged from the Ifrun City's Think Tank when it got overrun. Kali is that model, and it is soul bound to him.

He quietly laments the lost of his coworkers and the atmosphere of working in a competent team. His attempts to join the Dadun Goofed Mercenary Company could be argued as his attempts to re-initiate that feeling and similar bonds of comradery.


I long for the bonds of comradery that forsook foolish bureaucracy and red tape to undertake revolutionary projects. I want to see that in Dadun Goofed Mercenary Company. I wish to find a comfortable niche in this ragtag group and see to its success.

Equipment and Magical Items and Effects

I benefit from a dragon bone breastplate magically enhanced by myself. I wear nice clothes underneath and have the name tags of all my lab coworkers in memory of them. I am usually found with a dragon scaled +2 hand crossbow and +1 dragon scale shield. The majority of my magical items are temporary magical items that I can easily replace.

Amulet of Health

Gem of Seeing

Bag of Holding

+2 Weapon Hand Crossbow

+2 Dragon Bone Breastplate

+1 Red Dragon Scale Shield

Red Dragon Scale Cloak