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Dakota is a Warforged Tabaxi Android. It currently has 11 levels in Scout, Rogue, 1 level in Forge Domain, Cleric, and 2 level in Diviner, Wizard. It successfully cooperated with the Dadun Goofed Mercenary Company to help eliminate the demon menace. It's currently acting as the crew's rogue/crafting specialist.

Early Life

A think tank of Ifrun City tasked to design a mobile, adaptive, and self-learning android. Dynamic Analysis Keeper, Observer, and Technician Android or Dakota was a pet project handcrafted by Maglubiyet Primacy head researcher Azrael Zaurawa. Though my chassis proved promising, my making used too many specialized parts to be considered for mass production. Despite this, Azrael was too attached to me to allow the others to scrap me.


I was raised by Azrael to make an android that would use more readily available resources and replace me. Specifically, I was tasked to assist Azrael in the biological aspect of making androids. I was taught the means of the scientific method and learned much about of medicine, nature, and pattern recognition.

Early Career

I was tasked to help other researchers find more available and compatible biological tissue and blood for the magically enchanted contraptions. In the 30 years of service, I found any humanoid druid's wildshaped lamb flesh and wildshaped pig skin to be most compatible, but such opportunities to get more tissue proved nonviable. I hypothesize that druids have an optimal connection to primordial magic that is ironically suitable to the Primacy's magical methods of making androids.


Somewhere along the 30 years of service, I began to understand more about myself and questioned my purpose beyond making a model that would ultimately make me outdated. Within the various libraries available, I found a book about Gond, also known as Inspiration Divine, Lord of all Smiths, and Wonderbringer, that intrigued me. I visited a church of Gond shortly after and found favor with Him. With purpose renewed, I redoubled my efforts, and the think tank was close to a breakthrough. It was then that disaster struck.

The Demon Horde Incident

The demon horde invasion proved to be swiftly and decisively destructive to Ifrun City. I was displaced during the city evacuation and soon after found myself amid strange refugees.


We as a party stumbled upon this strange place as after we walked into a portal. That was a grave mistake. The atmosphere is hostile. The winds are fierce and loud. The air is frigid. The first thing we meet that was not cold, hard cave tunnels were hostile slaads. We were routed, then, thank Gond, we received reinforcements from some of the more hesitant party members and were able to repel the slaads. King died briefly, but Nala quickly saved him before it was too late. We also picked up a friendly Giff by the name of Corporal Hugh Hougham. To leave this damned realm, we had to kill an arch mage. It was in that fight Hugh found out the fate of his commander. He has not been taking it well. We left him behind before facing the demon infested Dathu. It is likely he took the easy way out of the horrors surrounding him.

The Abyss

After the harrowing fight in Dathu, Gissioda, a friendly dragon, covered our entrance to the portal of the Abyss. It is there we are expected to destroy the anchor that keeps the portal online.

We have entered the stronghold where we know the Demigorgon is. We have fought all sorts of horrible demons and abominations here. The worst was yet to come, but we had a planer ally by the name of Lavina. She has agreed to help us in exchange for the party’s promise to destroy a known intelligent undead. I loathe the agreement made in my stead, but I knew the demon horde was a much more pressing matter are at hand. With our combined efforts, we have successfully suppressed the demon menace and destroyed to portal between the Abyss and our world.

Lifting the Siege of Port Hamor

After destroying the portal to the Abyss, we were informed by Lord Commander Adwic that they were under siege by demonic forces. In less than a week, we defeated the Balor commanding the siege, but his arch-mage companion escaped and Port Hamor suffered heavy casualties. Over half the population is dead and most buildings are destroyed. The biggest church is gone.

It will take much effort to see to the rebuilding of this once great town. Lord Adwic awarded us all with a Medal of Vinosea Heroism for our efforts in repealing and breaking the demonic siege. This allows me to purchase property and land. Hmm, perhaps I can see to helping the process of rebuilding along. I'd love to see myself in a comfy shop with a couple of skilled hands to help. Hell, I could see myself getting a title of a noble if I prove myself to be helpful enough.


I like to think myself as cordial, yet I care little for most people. I quickly gain interest as they prove to be useful or shown to have valuable information. I'm always looking to expand my applicable knowledge.

Azrael Zaurawa

Dr. Azrael Zaurawa is credited for making me. He is also the only soul that advocated for my retasking as an assistant. He gave me a chance when everyone else wanted to destroy me. From the very beginning, I knew he was someone I could trust. I fondly remember the few times he showed and told me the intricate processes that when into making me and how many chance discoveries it took to make me self-sustainable. He is my master, and I would do anything for him.

The Party in General

I met the Dadun Goofed Mercenary Company on 26 Diorite while traveling with a small group of refugees. All things considered, the meeting was surprisingly friendly and welcoming. I joined them shortly afterwards along with King, Ashelia, and Grub. They are among the strangest people I've ever had the pleasure of traveling with and are full of surprises.

The Lieutenant

I have not seen him talk much. He is likely a hired spellsword. I wonder where the hell the party got this fella from. I have never seen a wizard quite as potent as him for hire. This fella has proven consistently quiet. He seems to be the type I can trust with sensitive information. If I make it worth his while, perhaps he will consider helping me in my endeavors he would be more oriented towards.

He temporarily lost control of himself in the Abyss and, after nearly killing all the party, banished himself to our world. After closing the portal to the Abyss, the demonic miasma cleared up. He seems to be doing significantly better now.


She raised King from recent death in the last second. I am glad we have her around. I have seen her mock many creatures in combat, insulting them to the point they flee in shame or terror. She used to have the Rod of Chaos until a Balor from hell took it from her. She's been quite helpful in my research efforts. I've given her schematics on how to produce gunpowder and how to make a flintlock pistol.


From what I can gather, he seems to be the leader of this ragtag bunch. He has seemed rather downtrodden until lately. He must have lost a lot of friends to the demons. He seems to be doing a lot better now after we slayed Kilvar. Apparently, he has absorbed the soul of a dragon. That would explain his breath attacks. Most interesting. I am curious to see if it changed his blood and how this soul has affected his body. We have caught him occasionally whispering to his shoulder reacting to something or someone. Most troublesome. I hope the miasma has not affected him too much.

With the demons dispatched, I've caught him talking to himself less often. I do feel significantly better myself with the miasma gone. Good for him and good for us.

The Forest

Man, that guy shoots a mean bow. He is shooting from a heavy frame bow too, and he has poison arrows too. Most interesting. I would love to learn his processes of making poisons and share with him what I know with alchemy. Maybe we can even collaborate and make new poisons or other volatile products. Ah, I think we will get along swimmingly. We have exchanged our alchemical knowledge. I'm very grateful for such a gentleman.

Alcar Lómion

I do not know much about this one yet to give an opinion. The planer ally he has summoned is useful, but the idea of being coerced by a god without my consent rubs me very wrong. Why in the hell is a "good" god not just helping us because it is the right thing to do. The Silver Glades I hardly know. Not a fan at all attacking unprovoked.


I do not know much about him except he got super pissed when his pack animals died. He has helped me see in the dark with magic which has helps me do my job, which I most certainly appreciate. He routinely heals us with healing spirit after combat.


I do not know enough of this gentleman to give a strong opinion of him. He seems to be responsible for saving Gilbert's life after the fight with the Demigorgon. Often seen drinking at The Sword & Board Inn in his off-time.

Willemina Woodhall

I do not know enough of this lady to give a strong opinion of her. She seems to fancy melee combat. Gave off the strong impression of a mercenary. No problems with me.

Reinstated Bilmop

By divine intervention of Alcar's god, Bilbook became Bilmop. The Scrolls of Uncertain Provenance were also destroyed in the process. His body seems to have been also permanently modified. His skin is akin to paper. He has been wearing my lab coat and trousers made by my silk rope. He's been relatively quiet. I can only imagine what horrors what he went through. I'm not about to start asking what anytime soon. I do want my lab coat back.

Retired Arin

I haven't been around him too long to get a strong impression of him. It looks like he did not like the adventuring lifestyle. He left speaking about rebuilding the church of Tyr. I wish him the best in that. I myself have plans to perhaps make a smithy. Hopefully we can help the people recover from their pyrrhic victory.

Retired Grub

Cheeky little Goblin. He seems friendly and playful. Not my type, but he fights exceptionally well, so I am happy. Bold little shit went alone to "play" with the Iron Golems. More animalistic in nature, I leave most of the moral support of this little on to our friendly bard, Nala.

After helping us repel the demon besieging Port Hamor, Grub left with some of the dankest swag and gave me the Boots of Elvenkind.

KIA King

King saved my life after the swift retribution of the ancient blue dragon. I appreciate him boldly taking the front lines of combat and try to make his job easier by killing our enemies. He is not afraid to chime in from time to time about his rather curt beliefs. I do prefer this rather than a quiet brooding. At least you know what you are getting with this one.

Teleported in the middle of an ocean with an hour of "Water Walk" left, he resolved to walk until he could no longer and drowned to death. May he rest in peace. His efforts to eliminate the demon menace will not be forgotten by me.

MIA Ashelia

An ancient blue dragon almost killed all of us because Ashelia attempted to hide a gem from the dragon. Despite losing little in the scuffle, I resented Ashelia for the setback that was caused because of her actions. She mysterious vanished in the big fight leading to entering the Abyss itself. Maybe she died?


Jin's presence alone has eased me into believing the party is flexible in morals, which I do like. Seeing Jin as he is now, I hypothesized Jin must be the most affected by the miasma surrounding the region. Turns out the same ritual that turned Bilmop into a book is the same ritual that turned him into a lich. He would be very interesting person to run studies on. I thought I would have great difficulty even introducing the idea to him, but, when I mentioned I have experience in surgery, he asked me to remove his organs. I would love to do what I can to sate our curiosity. If he is willing, I would like to see if I can stop the atrophy of his skin or make artificial skin for him that closely mimics real skin.

For a brief time, I thought this guy is super evil and scary, but realized most of the fear was the Rod of Chaos. The rod has a miasma effect of unsettling all those unchaotic in nature. I last saw him falling from a portal into the nearby waters of Port Hamor. Alcar attempted to "Message" him to no avail. We presume he is dead somewhere in the ocean. Hopefully he'll show up somewhere.

Equipment and Magical Items and Effects

I benefit from an integrated warforged darkwood core plating as base armor. I wear a researcher lab coat with a pinned name tag "Senior Researcher D.A.K.O.T.A." and am usually found with a hand crossbow and +1 shield. I undertake a daily ritual known to forge clerics called "Blessing of the Forge" to magically enhance my hand crossbow.

Gloves of Swimming and Climbing

Current owner: Dakota

Gloves, Uncommon (requires attunement)

While wearing these gloves, climbing and swimming don't cost you extra movement, and you gain a +5 bonus to Strength (Athletics) checks made to climb or swim.

Boots of Elvenkind

Current owner: Dakota

Wondrous Item, Uncommon

While you wear these boots, your steps make no sound, regardless of the surface you are moving across. You also have advantage on Dexterity (Stealth) checks that rely on moving silently.