Confederation of Arkhazzar

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The Confederation of Arkhazzar is a collection of city-states each ruled by their own powerful undead leader. These leaders elect a president from among themselves to serve as the executive head of their confederation. Currently, President Zakiti of Nok Vuxnad holds power. His decade-long term will be complete in four years. Arkhazzar controls the frozen tundra on both sides of the Peaks of Death, giving them port access to both the Sea of Thorns and the Grenjour Ocean.

Arkhazzar contains the largest population of soul-imbued undead in Liras, and is the only nation with laws that recognize them as people in their own right.


The origins of Arkhazzar are shrouded in mystery and legend. Perhaps only the Arch-lich Vhithe, ruler of Phakas Kod, knows of how they came to be around the Peaks of Death.