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Characters are listed in the roster giving everyone an idea of who a character is, what there class and level are, and if they are available for an adventure.


While most of the columns are fairly self-explanatory,the status column has special meaning:

The character is in The Sword & Board Inn and is ready to participate in a new adventure. All characters in a party must be Ready before an adventure with them can start.
The character is on an adventure and is not available to currently participate in any new adventures. Characters become this status when leaving The Sword & Board Inn to go on an adventure, and they return to the Ready status upon their return.
The character is dead. Resurrection is a possibility, if someone can cast the spell or pay someone to do it for them. If the character's player has no intention of raising the character, move the roster entry for this character to the graveyard.

Adding a Character

Adding a character to the roster can be done in these steps. Please inform a DM if you have trouble getting this to work.

  1. Navigate to the Character Roster page, and click Edit to begin editing the page.
  2. Scroll down to the Active Characters section. Look for the ACTIVE CHARACTERS section; it should look like this:
    <!-- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- -->
    <!-- ------------------- PLACE YOUR ACTIVE CHARACTERS BELOW --------------------- -->
    <!-- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- -->
  3. Add a line in the indicated section using the Character command:
    {{Character | Name = Example Character | Played By = Example Player | Status = Ready | Level = 0 | Class = Example}}
    The character's name
    Played By
    The player's name
    One of Ready, Adventuring, or Dead; see above
    The character's level
    The character's class
  4. Click Save page to add your character's line to the roster:
  5. It will automatically take you back to the roster page. Click on your character's character sheet to upload a copy to the wiki.
    • If you are greeted with a page asking you to create the page, click the "Cancel" button at the bottom of the page to return to the page to upload your sheet.
  6. You should then have your character in the roster:
Character Name Player Name Status Level Class Race Character Sheet
Example Character Example Player Ready 0 Example Example Character's Character Sheet
7. After you have uploaded your PDF, click on the red link in the Character's Name column and create your character's wiki page by pasting:
{{subst:FFAM Test Char|Example Character}}