Burbling Wilds

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Nestled on the western shore of the Wasageo Ocean, the isolationist fey of the Burbling Wilds make themselves known to the world through their fanatical force of arms. Their jungle held inviolable. When dealing with outsiders, Nethergust has made his outpost of Lemoton available as a free-trade zone that allows outsiders to bring in goods for trade with the fey. Located on the shore of the Great Inner Sea, Lemoton is well-placed for this function.

Ancient Conflicts

The fey do not forgot. Nor do they easily forgive once crossed. Nearly six centuries ago, The Dragon Throne attempted to subjugate the Burbling Wilds but failed to take the Wilds through force of arms. Since then, any Dragonite who enters the Wilds is executed--their flayed body send floating back to The Dragon Throne on a barge.