Azrael Zaurawa

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Head Researcher Azrael Zaurawa is a brilliant, eccentric, and borderline insane changeling obsessed with creating hyper-specialized contraptions that are often destructive in nature. Often switching personalities and tone mid-conversation, he remains an enigma to most and has been diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder. Several of his personas are severely schizophrenic. Azrael's local reputation attracted the attention of several prominent Maglubiyet Primacy government agencies that gave him assignments and kept him under constant surveillance. He quickly gained the favor of the Primacy's military for inventing REDACTED and was promoted to head researcher in Ifrun City's Think Tank.

Latest Assignment/Going Rogue

His latest contract involved leading the design and production of specialized androids fit to fulfill many support roles in military and special force operations. Dakota was one of many prototypes he created to suit this purpose. Dr. Azrael was close to a revolutionary breakthrough that would far exceed the parameters of the contract, but the demon horde swiftly descended upon the city. Seeing the opportunity for freedom from government intervention and obligation, he used the confusion to break away from the other researchers and stole several sensitive technical documents.

He is assumed to be armed and dangerous and is wanted by the Maglubiyet Primacy for high treason.

Dr. Azrael is not fit to lead our project. . . There he was talking to himself in the break room, nervously twiddling his thumbs and scanning the room, then he smiled and laughed. He pulled out a notepad from his lab coat pocket and scribbled some notes. . . Correct, he showed the notes to us (the researchers in the biomedical department) later that proved. . . I admit, he found a new way to bypass the threshold of REDACTED; nevertheless, he is unstable and. . .

— General grievance report filed by a senior researcher from the Think Tank