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Agatha is a young woman now acting as a retainer for Sir Walt Wolflin. She had over 8 months of experience as a town guard.

Early Life in Sarkney

Agatha grew up in Sarkney as the only child to the Alex and Hera family. Alex, Agatha's father, really wants a son and is still trying to make another child with Hera, Agatha's mother. Agatha grew to want to make her father proud, so she talked him into getting her in as a town guard. Alex taught Agatha to use the bow on his off time.

Early Career

Agatha acted as a guard for 8 months. She had to break a couple of bar fights and arrested several vagrants. She took several shifts for her father patrolling the streets and manning the wall, so he could spend more quality time with her mother.

Early Adventuring Career

The stresses of adventuring were heavy on Agatha's mind. She started by competing in an archery competition in the stead of a young lord and won despite the nature of the competition changing last second into a hunt. She then was tasked with the party to clear a mine. It did not end well for her, and she would have stayed dead if it were not for Sir Jacob and his entourage. She swiftly purchased chain mail and spent weeks in intensive training as a fighter, specializing in archery. Her fellow guardspeople encouraged her to also quit while she still could, but she shook it off.

Shortly thereafter, the party was mixed with the suspicious murder of Ned, a guardsman. They uncovered the murderer, which was a female Elf. Sir Jacob expected the worst of the Dukes coming to visit Sarkney and tasked the party into protecting them against more potential Elf assassins. Later, the entire party entered a portal to a strange land by the well outside the North Gate. The area was heavily forested. The party made a beeline to a known house and uncovered what could only be described as a rift of reality. In this rift was a seemingly endless fall. A giant spider neared the house, and Agatha feared for her and the party's lives. She got very verbal and pushed the party to make a full retreat into Sarkney.

The next day, around midnight, a Roc found its way into Sarkney. Agatha assisted the guardspeople with operating the ballista, but it misfired and broke. Thanks to great luck and the ingenuity of Revart, the Roc received enough of a beating to fly away. There were 4 causalities. All died by the drop of a half-torn cow the Roc let go.

With the recent events, along with the feeling that her and the party's efforts have gone unappreciated and uncompensated, Agatha was currently considering picking up another trade and bowing out of adventuring as a fletcher. This feeling compounded when the Duke arrived with celebration. Things quickly changed as that day progressed.

The Promotion

That same day, upon hearing the news of our routing of the Roc, Sir Wolflin offered the party (except Revert due to legal reasons) jobs as his retainers. Agatha saw this as her chance to finally advance her position and get some better resources. She took the job. Shortly thereafter, the party found the children of the Duke go outside city walls at night. The party followed them, and they managed to interrupt a body grab operation by the elves.

Heirloom / Keepsakes

Alex has allowed Agatha to have his nice master-crafted Longbow, "Quiver Quipper," in exchange for taking some of his night shifts. Alex had it made when he was called into conscripted service in a large city. Barbra has given Agatha a rabbit's foot for good luck. Agatha has it tied to "Quiver Quipper." Sir Jacob gave Agatha the pelt of the fox she killed in the competition as she was recovering from her encounter with death. It's always with her in her backpack.