Adventures in Blundermountain Character Roster

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This Character Roster lists the current and former characters in the Adventures in Blundermountain campaign. Please follow these instructions on how to add your character to this list..

70. Failure is not an option - it is mandatory. The option is whether or not to let failure be the last thing you do.

— The Seventy Maxims of Maximally Effective Mercenaries

Active Characters

These are currently active characters in the campaign. As of 8/10/2020 XP = 32,388

Character Name Player Name Status Level Class Race Character Sheet
Da Boiz McSleuthBurgur Adventuring 8 Artillerist/Fighter Orc Da Boiz's Character Sheet
Lilith Nightshade micmic25 Adventuring 8 Nercomancer Yuan-ti Pureblood Lilith Nightshade's Character Sheet
Mackerel Pete Adventuring 8 Lore Bard Tiefling Mackerel's Character Sheet
Mayes Schlomi Spectre Adventuring 8 Alchemist ??? Mayes Schlomi's Character Sheet
Older Till Drachyuh Thomas Adventuring 8 Draconic Sorcerer Half-Elf Older Till Drachyuh's Character Sheet
Wymund Thurash UnderDark Adventuring 8 Devotion Paladin Human Wymund Thurash's Character Sheet
Ymir mistercmp Adventuring 8 Barbarian/Battle Master Half-Orc Ymir's Character Sheet

Inactive Characters

If you haven't gone on an adventure within the past 4 weeks, real-time, your character will be moved here and no longer considered when determining the average party level. You are welcome back anytime and can just move your character back up to the active list when you are ready to go on another adventure.

Character Name Player Name Status Level Class Race Character Sheet
Aetus UnderDark Returned to duties 7 Draconic Sorcerer Tiefling Aetus's Character Sheet
Anaxia McSleuthBurgur Parted ways, looking for someone 8 Bladesinger Human Anaxia's Character Sheet
Wong Han mistercmp Safely extracted 7 Warlock/Rogue/Paladin ??? Wong Han's Character Sheet

The Graveyard

Those who have fallen.

Character Name Player Name Status Level Class Race Character Sheet
Vamir Daexalim UnderDark Dead (Point blank artillery strike recipient) 6 Kensei Monk Wood Elf Vamir Daexalim's Character Sheet
WarTortle Thomas Dead (Turned into spider hatchery) 6 War Cleric Tortle WarTortle's Character Sheet
Kali Edge micmic25 Dead (Scourged by Drow Priestess) 6 Arcane Trickster Wood Elf Kali Edge's Character Sheet
Xaliira McSleuthBurgur Dead (Eaten by gibbering mouther) 7 Thief Drow Xaliira's Character Sheet
High WrathGuard Thomas Dead (Brain eaten by intellect devourer) 7 Moon Druid Githzerai High WrathGuard's Character Sheet

Languages Known