Adventure Logs/The Clearing of Cassen's Crypt

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The Participants

  • Auream, a fighter?
  • Bearkiller, a fighter
  • Forest, a ranger
  • Lieutenant, a wizard
  • Nogashi, a monk
  • Olórin, a warlock or paladin?
  • Red, a druid

  • Gila, a rogue (KIA)

The Start

Based on rumors from a drunk halfling named Dhurl, we went to the hamlet of Cassen to investigate the cause of the missing people in Cassen’s crypt and eliminate any threats in it. We departed on 5 Marble 1386.

The Crypt

We saved the mayor from skeletons that invaded the hamlet. After receiving more information, partial payment, and a magical lantern, we headed to the crypt to clear the area, save any survivors, and light up the lantern using a magical font of magic in Kat Cassen’s resting place. The wilderness nearby the crypt was barren and unnaturally desolate. We killed all the undead inside and cleared the way for two people, Roldan and Demaria. We also found a mask bearing a strange mark on one of the bandits that looted this crypt for the amulets of Kat Cassen and Assar. Anyone who gives us information about what organization or group of people took these amulets that leads to the retrieval of these amulets will be generously rewarded.

Strange Mark.png

The End

We fought, Assar, Kat Cassen’s rival turned undead and put him back to rest. Kat Cassen appeared before us and rewarded us with a magical gem. We returned to Cassen and celebrated with the townsfolk there. As reward and a sign of thanks, the mayor gave us the magical lantern; the townspeople gave us a collection and a feast.