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Test is a peasant of no significance.

Early Life in the Barony of Sarkney

Test grew up in Skein as the second son of a poor farmer. His frequent trips to the tavern have made him uncommonly good at *intimidation*. Along with his layabout friends, Test has now embarked on a quest to better himself and his position in this world.

Early Career

On his first adventure Test stepped on a rusty nail, suffered 3 *piercing* damage, and nearly died.


His Mother

Test has had a rough home life, but his mother Mamma Test has always been there to keep him out of trouble.

His Father

Pappa Test is a hard worker. He rises with the sun each morning to tend to his animals, and has done his best to teach Test the difference between right and wrong.

Heirloom / Keepsake

Though He died when Test was very young, Test has always kept his grandfather's skinning knife.