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Vaermina RedCotton is a Ghostwise Halfing born to the Chalkwood tribes’ people. She currently has 1 level in Barbarian and 5 levels in Circle of the Moon Druid. She has retired from the Dadun Goofed Mercenary Company.

Early Life

Vaermina RedCotton, known to the tribe and friends as simply Red, is an albino Ghostwise Halfling born in the isolated, exnomadic Chalkwood tribes’ people. Being an albino made people treat Vaermina differently; she was efficiently forced into social isolation. The fact that a witch cursed Red with a mark of a beast known as the Slayer, compounded the issue.


The Chalkwood tribes people found Red had an unusual affinity to wildlife. She first wildshaped at age 10, the earliest the tribe has ever seen. However, Red quickly lost control of herself and had to be restrained by the tribe's warriors. A seal was placed by Red's mother, Cora RedCotton, on the mark to prevent further incidents while Red was with them. Red's mother instead trained Red to act as the tribe's physician and taught her everything she knew.

Early Career

Red took a liking to making various clothing and accessories using wool and bartered cloth on her spare time. Her hands were quite dexterous when it came to general medicine and aid as well. Red took the few opportunities while near town to barter and sell her wares.

Red in Dadun

Cora Redcotton placed a seal on Red that effectively acted as a lesser geas. At age 31, Red was told by her mother what she would have to do to wildshape again. Red would have to perform certain rites, a pilgrimage of sorts. The rites had special restrictions that were to be followed until the seal was broken. The rites required her to depart from the tribe’s people among other things.

Seeing this as the perfect chance for her to leave to apathetic Chalkwood tribe, Red went to Port Hamor to fulfill these strange requirements and regain what she lost long ago.

The Library of Secrets and Wonders

The party was teleported to an unknown realm somewhere in the Abyss. They eventually found a pyramid that had an ancient library. It was there that Red finally found a book that allowed her to reach a dream of hers. The dream to make the purest spidersilk armor. She also found several high-powered scrolls and has kept them to this day. Eventually, the party managed to bargain their way out of the Abyss with a demon. Shortly after, Red had a blacksmith make the specialized weaver’s tools required to make such armor. She then produced spider silk as a wildshaped giant spider and spent several days grafting the silk to padded armor. Red loves nothing less than to craft spidersilk armor for nobles and anyone with enough coin. It’s something she takes great pride in and wears spidersilk armor wherever she goes.

The Beast Within

One day assassins attempted to strongarm Red into giving them her spidersilk armor. She had the party assist her in defending herself, but there were serious consequences. Red went to the church of Sune and payed to have a young lady service her all day long to destress. The next day over 45 people were killed in the church of Sune by the assassin's guild as retribution for not complying to their demands. Later, Red was blamed for the murders and was forced by Lord Adwic to execute the assassin's guild leaders, be exiled, or be executed herself. After much turmoil, the party cleared the assassin’s guild base and flooded it. There was still one leader that remained that met them outside.

He was a magic user of great power, and the party had not yet been able to rest and recover. The situation was dire, and Red began to despair over the party's safety. Then, anger, great anger, enveloped her for all the lives senselessly slaughtered by the assassins. Red’s anger led her to completely turn into the Slayer. She made quick work of the last assassin guild leader, but she had much strength left. She tried to control herself, but the beast already had taken over. Things quickly descended into a desperate fight to subdue her before she killed someone.

The party successfully knocked her out and brought her back. Before the party left for Port Hamor, Red left a bottled letter expressing her hatred over how unreasonable the assassins were, and how she wished they just payed for the damn armor. When they returned to Port Hamor, she promptly payed the party for helping her put this behind her and exonerating her. In the memory of all those killed, Red financially contributed to kickstart the church of Sune and occasionally visits it as both reminder and relief for what happened.

To whom it may concern,

The next time any of you fuckers want to purchase items,YOU BUY THEM WITH MONEY. You DON'T threaten shopkeepers for goods or services. You DON'T cause major property damage. You DON'T kill over 50 people over not getting your way. Your leaders are dead. Your base is flooded. This wouldn't have happened if you just fucking purchased your goods like normal people and didn't disturb the peace.

Sincerely, Port Hamor

— Red’s bottled letter left behind on the entrance of the flooded assassin’s base

The Tragedy of Port Hamor

When the demons siege arrived at Port Hamor, Red quickly went to Lacio at the Church of Tier to help with healing and aid as a physician. Things quickly went south, and the demons descended upon the church. With most of the acolytes and followers dead, Lacio took on the demons overtaking the Church of Tier. Seeing the sacrifice offered to her, Red took it and fled. The demonic horde was decisively destructive to it and most of the city. Red seems to be the sole survivor of ex-Dadun Goofed party members that were in Port Hamor. Her shop has been completely destroyed. She is currently trying to find herself. All she can think of is getting away and starting again.


Red tries to be as friendly and impartial as possible. However, she gets volatile when people she cares about get taken advantage of. Otherwise, she loves making deals and learning how to further her position in life. She's a true capitalist.

Gilbert Underfoot

Red and Gilbert had spent many adventures together. A few times, Red lost control of the beast within her, and Gilbert subdued her and showed her mercy. Gilbert acted as an emotional anchor to her, and she would relentlessly prosecute anyone who wrongs him.

The Forest

Forest was the first person in the party that was a victim of Red's violent outbursts. After being attacked by a couple of giants, Red lost control and partially transformed into the Slayer and nearly swallowed Forest whole. She quickly snapped out of it and healed Forest. She expected Forest to hate and attack her, but he hugged her instead. Red considers Forest a close friend and eventually gifted him with spidersilk armor. She has personally invited Forest to see her if he needs anything.

Amon Thul

Amon’s strange practice of eating humanoid’s flesh intrigued Red. Red understands when the tribe killed wildlife, they did not let anything go to waste. Red respected the taboo tradition Amon eating his enemies and even participated eating kobolds with him once.

Equipment and Magic Items

Red always wear a set of spidersilk armor and is usually seen with a +1 Black Turtle Dragon Shield. She also has a couple of high-powered scrolls, a masterwork spell focus and light crossbow, and various poisons acquired from her travels.

+1 Black Turtle Dragon Shield

While using this shield, you gain a +1 bonus to AC, you have advantage on saving throws against the Frightful Presence and breath weapons of dragons, and you have resistance to one damage type that is determined by the kind of dragon that provided the scales. Black --> Acid

Cloak of Predatory Vigor

A cloak of predatory vigor helps you channel the power of your combat frenzy into rejuvenating energy. While in a rage, you can use a bonus action activate this cloak to heal damage to yourself equal to 1d12 plus your Constitution modifier. This cloak can be used 2 times/day.