The Barony of Sarkney

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Notable Features

Barony of Sarkney
Town of Sarkney

The Barony of Sarkney is known for its deep silver mines.


Sarkney is a large town, and home to nearly one thousand souls. The wall around Sarkney is composed of strong timber and stone. The town has expanded rapidly in recent years and has prospered due to its access to rich silver veins. Overlooking the city, on a hill to the west, sits Blackbird's Nest.

Lake Needlesway

Lake Needlesway is a large lake in the Barony that provides fish to the surrounding area.

The Serpent's Spine

The Serpent's Spine is a mountain range that passes through the northern part of the Barony. It consists of mountains much larger than the Shortround hills to the east.

Blackbird's Nest

Blackbird's Nest serves as the seat of power for this region. As a vassal of the kingdom of Scarbia, the Baron of Sarkney resides here. The Baron, previously Lord Hans Albrecht and currently Sir Walt Wolflin, presides over important cases, such as those dealing with murder, pillage, or sedition. Due to the dissapearance of his last living heir, Lord Albrecht's assassination on Spring 85, 997 caused his titles to revert to Duke Franz Talmzig. Thereafter Sir Walt Wolflin was elevated to become Baron of Sarkney due to his many years of loyal service.

The castle overlooks the town of Sarkney and was built on the 14th of Spring, 913.


The village of Skein is home to less than a hundred souls and is nestled just below the Serpent's Spine mountains. The nearby Silver Skein Mine has proven to be a steady source of income for the region. The village borders Lake Needlesway as well. The monastery of St. Manos is located just north of Skein.


Telmotte is both the name of an abandoned fortification currently under reconstruction west of Sarkney and the hill the fortification sits upon.