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Telmotte is both the name of an abandoned fortification currently under reconstruction west of Sarkney and the hill the fortification sits upon.


Telmotte Fortification

Elvish Occupation

A group of zealots to the Moonlit King established a base of operations in the run-down tower after arriving in the Prime Material Plane from Alfheim. The tower contained a well that was used as a portal between the two planes.

Capture by the party

After gaining the attention of the party by way of murdering the Baron of Sarkney Lord Hans Albrecht, the tower was attacked by the party, Sir Wolflin, Sir Jacob, and an auxiliary force of town guards. Revart's plan to tunnel under the tower and surprise flank the knife-eared bastards worked but came with heavy losses. All of the town guards were killed during the fight. Agatha and Berslav went missing during a battle against fey spiders that occurred moments after the first fight finished. Both are presumed dead.


With the elves gone, Baron Wolflin lent Telmotte to Eidel for the purposes of upkeep and living quarters.

Revart has unofficially taken the role of foreman for the party's reconstruction effort.


Eidelwatch Floorplan (post-reconstruction)


there's a tower


There's some wood and stuff enclosing and protecting the land

Alchemy Garden

grow plants

Farming Plot

more plant stuff


can hold __ horses at a time

Storage Basement

used to store stuff

Secret Alchemy Room

a place to do alchemy and other arcane activities without the church finding out


There's an unnamed creek that runs through the fortification. There's also a bridge.