Scrolls of Uncertain Provenance

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Current status: Destroyed

Magic Scrolls, Legendary, requires Attunement

Scrolls of uncertain provenance are not spells stored in written form, but collections of death-obsessed writing in an unknown hand. Popular myth holds that those who can command the lore contained in a set of these scrolls have power over life and death.​
While attuned to the scrolls of uncertain provenance, you gain a +5 competence bonus on Intelligence (Religion) ability checks.​
Additionally, you can attempt to read from the scrolls once per day for 1 hour. Understanding their lore, however, is not an easy task. To begin with, the scrolls are written in nearly every language, ancient and modern, and the text sometimes switches languages within the same sentence. Thus, a successful hour of reading requires a successful DC 30 Intelligence (Religion) ability check. You gain a +2 bonus on the check for every language you speak. So cryptic are the scrolls that even comprehend languages or other spells don't help you understand them.​

If your check is successful, you gain temporary understanding of one of the scroll's secrets depending on how long you have spent reading them. Your hours of successful reading stack for this purpose, so you can read over multiple days to gain a greater benefit, if desired. The time spent need not all be spent at once; you can divide it as you choose for the purpose of gaining benefits:
Time - Benefit
  • 1 hour - Renewal Pact for yourself
  • 2 hours - Renewal Pact for another
  • 3 hours - Death Pact for yourself
  • 4 hours - Death Pact for another
  • 6 hours - True Resurrection for another (and the scrolls disappear)
Once a benefit is used, deduct the number of hours under Time from the total number of hours spent studying these scrolls.​

Reading scrolls of uncertain provenance is not without risk since delving into their mysteries draws you near to the border between life and death. Whenever you spend an hour reading scrolls of uncertain provenance, you must roll a d100 whether or not you learn anything useful.
d100 - Effect
  • 01-10 - Become affliced with a long-term madness for 1d10 x 10 hours
  • 11-30 - The scrolls bestow a permanent curse upon you, applying a cummulative -4 penalty on attack rolls, saves, ability checks, and skill checks.
  • 31-60 - Receive a geas to perform a task/quest for Shar
  • 61-90 - Gain 5 levels of exhaustion (cummulative with current exhaustion levels)
  • 91-00 - Become a ghost for a year and a day

Renewal Pact
A creature can be subject to only one renewal pact at a time. Casting renewal pact on subject who already has an untriggered renewal pact voids the earlier pact.​
This spell remains dormant until the target is subjected to one or more of the following adverse conditions: ability damage, blinded, confusion, deafened, diseased, exhausted, feebleminded, insanity, stunned, or poisoned.​
One round after the target is affected by a condition that triggers the renewal pact, the pact removes any and all of the above conditions and restores 1d8 hit points to the target.​

Death Pact
This spell allows the target to enter into a binding agreement with your deity that brings the target back to life if it is slain.​
When this spell is cast, the target's Constitution is permanently reduced by 2 points. In exchange for this, if the subject should die, a true resurrection spell is immediately cast upon the target. However, the ressurected creature does not regain the 2 Constitution points when returned to life.​
If the spell is dispelled before the target dies, it does not regain its 2 lost Constitution points. A wish spell or similar magic can return the lost Constitution, but only after the death pact has been activated or dispelled.

This item was consumed during the divine intervention process of Bilbook reverting back into Bilmop. As a result, this item no longer exists.