Redhill Character Roster

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The Redhill Character Roster lists the current and former characters in the campaign. Please follow these instructions on how to add your character to this list..

70. Failure is not an option - it is mandatory. The option is whether or not to let failure be the last thing you do.

— The Seventy Maxims of Maximally Effective Mercenaries

Active Characters

These are currently active characters in the campaign. New characters join at the average level of the characters within the party (APL) and dividing by two, rounding down with a minimum level of 0. Characters below the APL gain one level at the end of every session.

Character Name Player Name Status Level XP Class Race Character Sheet
Agatha micmic25 Adventuring 4 Samurai Human Agatha's Character Sheet
Eidel McSleuthBurger Adventuring 4 Diviner Human Eidel's Character Sheet
Wilfrid Gilbert Adventuring 4 Scout Human Wilfrid's Character Sheet
Your Name Here Grand Lizard Adventuring 3 Mastermind Human Your Name Here's Character Sheet
Your Name Here Spectre Adventuring 0 N/A Human Your Name Here's Character Sheet
Revart Underdark Adventuring 4 Illusionist Gnome Revart's Character Sheet
Torment Giantsbane MisterCMP Adventuring 4 Totem Warrior Goliath Torment Giantsbane's Character Sheet
Emmeline Wildridge Metacomet10 Adventuring 4 Trickery Gloom Stalker Human Emmeline Wildridge's Character Sheet
Old Man Curtis pete Adventuring 3 Drunken Master Human Old Man Curtis's Character Sheet

Inactive Characters

If you haven't gone on an adventure within the past 4 weeks, real-time, your character will be moved here and no longer considered when determining the average party level. You are welcome back anytime, and can just move your character back up to the active list when you are ready to go on another adventure.

Character Name Player Name Status Level XP Class Race Character Sheet
Jane Doe Herself Retired 0 Example Human Jane Doe's Character Sheet
Gumbo pete Adventuring 0 N/A Human Gumbo's Character Sheet

The Graveyard

Those who have fallen.

Character Name Player Name Status Level XP Class Race Character Sheet
John Smith Himself Dead 0 Example Human John Smith's Character Sheet