Ogami Yukie

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Physical Description

Ogami Yukie is a thin-blooded vampire of Halfing descent. She has ivory skin, black hair, and red eyes. She is often seen with her faithful undead hound.

Early life

Ogami Yukie was born to a loving family of vampires in the Confederation of Arkhazzar in Nok Vuxnad. Her parents, Ogami Izumi and Ogami Oki, raised Yukie to be proficient with many crafts such as: alchemy, smithing, herbalism, locksmithing, and even tinkering. Fortunately, Yukie took to these crafts quickly, enjoyed skilled labor, and was happy to work with her parents. Unfortunately, the Ogami house simply could not compete against a rival business that employed a swath of soul-bound undead. At first, the Ogami house protested with other concerned citizens at risk of being displaced. It fell on deaf ears, uncaring for their plight. Eventually, the Ogami house lost their home.

The Ogami family joined the Group of Concerned Citizens (GoCC) to force the government officials to hear their mutual grievances. They are a shadowy guerrilla group whose stated goal is to overthrow Zakiti and install new, less evil government, one that would ban the forcible creation of soul-bound undead slaves.

Yukie secretly wants to get away from all this conflict. Her parents care too much about their friends and extended family to have that option. When given the chance, she escaped with the heroes that were responsible for the fall of all the corrupt officials.

She hopes to uncover the secret of imbuing magic on items permanently. She would also jump at most any opportunity to make supreme and/or custom items.


Sister Beta literally saved Briscuit's life by helping him slay a mimic and inspiring him to avoid the shadow-like tripwires.

Briscuit rest in peace. Better we destroy your body rather than shamble around as undead.

Athena is quite intelligent. I've seen her solve a few puzzles in a dungeon. She hates spiders.