Lilith Nightshade

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Lilith Nightshade is an amnesic Necromancer Yuan-ti Pureblood. She is currently 7 levels of Wizardry into her studies. She currently serves the party as a healer and debuffer, along with providing ranged support through her skeletons.

Brief Description

I vaguely remember I was part of a coven of witches seeking immortality. We came across a ritual in Undermountain to become immortal and retain our intelligence. We researched it further and made preparations. The ritual was preformed, but something went awry. The necromantic energy streaked across the room, indiscriminately hitting us all. The coven were turned to undead and were hostile to the only one alive, me. I was forced to subdue them. Though I don't remember much of the process, let alone of my past. I do remember this vague bond of comradery I had with the dead, one being romantic. I didn't want to abandon my friends, so I brought them back the only way I knew how. I hope to find a way to reverse the condition of my friends or return their intelligence to them.

Current Thoughts

Seeing the death of High WrathGuard has given me time to reflect on my skeletons. Why do I still have them? Aren't they my friends? Why am I keeping them like this? This is so wrong, and I know it! I'm going to deanimate them and give them a proper burial as soon as we get to the surface. I don't want them to continue to be like this. They should rest in peace until I can help them. The question of where to get more viable bodies surfaces. . .


The oppression of life weighs heavy. The world cares not for the suffering of the people, so why should I? I will use my intellect and cunning to increase my sway over all adversity. I seek to ensure the prosperity of myself, my coterie, coven, and loved ones. Everything else is a moot point. . .

. . . My coven is in shambles. I wasn't able to save High WrathGuard, the one who was warmest to me in the party I'm with now. Is there more to life than this familiar suffering? I can't escape this hollow feeling in my heart that I've been forgetting something very important.

Equipment and Magical Items and Effects

I have a Necromantic Heart that, when attuned to, will switch places with my own heart. I have chosen not to attune to the item and have warned the party of it. I also have the much more useful Wand of Secrets.