Kali Edge

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Kali Edge was an Arcane Trickster Wood Elf. She was 6 levels of Arcane Trickster before she died by a critical attack by a Drow Priestess scourge. Her body was thrown into a sewer by Xaliira after the party surfaced from Undermountain.

Last Thoughts

When I was little, I would often sneak out and go to the bar to listen to the grand stories of adventure. I ended up wanting to be just like the adventures, hoping to get that next major find and share that special bond of comradery. Against my parent's wishes, I insisted on becoming one. They helped me get into a school of archaeology. There I learned my skills and found a great friend who rose to heights much higher than my own. With desire to improve and rejoin this friend, I found a party going into Undermountain and made fast friends. I protected them the best I could, using my skills of roguery and medicine. Though I could not help Vamir Daexalim, I was able to successfully keep the party safe in a crazy fight by challenging someone much stronger than myself. Through cunning and bravery, I did everything in my power to help our Tortle friend, WarTortle, and died for it. I was agnostic, but I have faith that I'll be in a much better place now. My only regret is not telling my parents that I loved them before going out that one last time.