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Wilfrid is a peasant of no significance.

Early Life in the Barony of Sarkney

Wilfrid grew up in Skein under the care of his uncle Wilhelm, a local woodsman and carpenter. Being raised by woodsman made him uncommonly good at *woodworking tools* and has a *hand-axe proficiency*. While chopping trees in the woods around Skein, Wilfrid unintentionally disturbed a shrine of Nipha hidden among the roots. Wilfrid is now indebted to Nipha for destroying the shrine and receives disturbing dreams from her. Along with his layabout friends, Wilfrid has now embarked on a quest to better himself and his position in this world.

Wilfrid's Cabin & Other Spooky Happenings & Habits

Wilfrid's cabin is located on the south-west corner of Lake Needlesway past the two Charcoal Tents in the Sarkwood. This cabin has a bad reputation among the locals, many decades ago they say a werewolf prowled near the humble abode. The local blackbirds are known to sit on its roof in a sinister manner, and the trees creek and they say you can hear wailing and howling in the woods outside the house. Every night before going to bed, Wilfrid stairs ominously across the lake toward Skein and the Arches of Sarken. On nights that he has trouble sleeping he will go out into the woods to gatherer firewood. During storms of ominous nature, Wilfrid has a habit of walking alone in the rain and looking up at windows as the lightning flashes.

Early Career

On his first adventure Wilfrid was sent with his friends to drive goblins out of the mines, being stabbed trying to help Eidel, and nearly died, saved at the last moment my Revert. Wilfrid took the lead of the investigation into the elvish plot in Sarkney. During this investigation, he followed an elvish spy to one of their planer portals in the well outside the north gate of Sarkney. When Sir Wolfland lead a group of Knights and Men-at-arms to slay the elvish cult Wilfrid was nearly slain due to a fireball and missed the battle that cost the lives of both Agatha and some cutout Wilfrid hired two days earlier.


Boy & Pig are Wilfrid's archenemy. His natural talent for stealth and subterfuge has outmaneuvered Wilfrid on many occasions. Wilfrid believes that Boy is ether completely inconsequential in the grand scheme of things or the most important being in the region.

Emmeline suspects him of being haunted or possessed do to the spooky omens and ominous happenings that occur near Wilfrid.

Revart views Wilfrid as an incompetent fool (rightly so). He also swindles Wilfrid out of some of his money every few market days because Wilfrid is an incredibly easy mark.

His Uncle

Wilhelm is a hard-working woodsman. He rises with the sun each morning to go woodsmaning in the woods, and has done his best to teach Wilfrid the difference between right and wrong as well as oak, mahogany, pine, cedar, ash, beech, elm, teak, and walnut.

Heirloom / Keepsake

Given to him when Wilfrid was very young, Wilfrid has always kept his fist hand-axe.