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Grub is a goblin swordsman. He currently has 7 levels in Kensei Monk and 4 levels in Fighter. He has been serving as an attack dog for the Dadun Goofed Mercenary Company since 26 Diorite 1387.

Early Life

Grub was born to goblin parents in a large tribe. His tribe came under Demon attack and Grub received a significant head injury in defense of his compatriots. After the battle, he wandered about on his own in a state of delirium, lost and alone.

Grub in Dadun

Grub eagerly joined a caravan carrying refugees from the Maglubiyet Primacy, and shortly thereafter met the Dadun Goofed Mercenary Company as they traveled near the edge of the Parched Frontier desert.


Grub fears nothing more than being left alone again, so despite his impulse control issues, he tries hard not to dissapoint his companions.


Grub and Bilmop first met 26 Diorite. Bilmop amused Grub with flashing lights and pretty colors before running off and transforming himself into a strange book.


Grub and Gilbert first met 26 Diorite. After Bilmop was transformed into a book, Grub gave Bilmop to Gilbert for safekeeping.