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This Character Roster lists the current and former characters in the For a Few Adventurers More campaign. Please follow these instructions on how to add your character to this list..

70. Failure is not an option - it is mandatory. The option is whether or not to let failure be the last thing you do.

— The Seventy Maxims of Maximally Effective Mercenaries

Active Characters

These are currently active characters in the campaign. New characters can join at one level below the average level of these characters (APL-1).

Character Name Player Name Status Level Class Race Character Sheet
The Lieutenant Spectre Adventuring 9 Wizard The Lieutenant's Character Sheet
Gilbert Underfoot an.rpg.hero Adventuring 10 Paladin+Sorcerer Gilbert Underfoot's Character Sheet
Nala McSleuthBurgur Adventuring 10 Bard Nala's Character Sheet
Jin, The Demon Prince Grand Lizard Adventuring 9 Battle Master Jin, The Demon Prince's Character Sheet
The Forest Peter Adventuring 9 Ranger, Hunter The Forest's Character Sheet
Basil angry pete Adventuring 10 Druid Basil's Character Sheet
Grub Agr Adventuring 9 Kensei+Battlemaster Grub's Character Sheet
Dakota micmic25 Adventuring 8 Scout+Forge Domain Dakota's Character Sheet
Ashelia Cc Adventuring 7 Rogue+Barbarian Ashelia's Character Sheet
King Mistercmp Adventuring 8 Paladin+Fighter King's Character Sheet

As of 5/19/2019 APL = 9 or (79/9 ≈ 8.78)

Inactive Characters

If you haven't gone on an adventure within the past 4 weeks, real-time, your character will be moved here and no longer considered when determining the average party level. You are welcome back anytime, and can just move your character back up to the active list when you are ready to go on another adventure.

Character Name Player Name Status Level Class Race Character Sheet
Olórin Whitemane Agr Retired 5 Warlock Olórin Whitemane's Character Sheet
Nogashi Mistercmp Retired 4 Monk Nogashi's Character Sheet
Rieta McSleuthBurgur Retired 4 Cleric Rieta's Character Sheet
Akira micmic25 Retired 4 Sorcerer Akira's Character Sheet
Vaermina RedCotton micmic25 Assisting Port Hamor 6 Druid Vaermina RedCotton's Character Sheet
Sinazaur Pumpking On the Road 5 Cleric Sinazaur's Character Sheet
Blue Ccanime Just outside Port Hamor 4 Fighter Blue's Character Sheet
Balthor-Arkemon Rufflez Just outside Port Hamor 4 Rogue Balthor-Arkemon's Character Sheet
Shunsui mistercmp Wandered Off 7 Monk Shunsui's Character Sheet
Darcassan Rynopocalypse busy af 7 Rogue+Ranger Darcassan's Character Sheet

The Graveyard

Those who have fallen.

Character Name Player Name Status Level Class Race Character Sheet
Gila Peter Dead (Eaten by Giant Frogs) 1 Rogue Gila's Character Sheet
Gauthak McSleuthBurgur Dead (Ambushed by Assassins) 3 Fighter Gauthak's Character Sheet
Malak an.rpg.hero Dead (Swarmed by Kobolds with Daggers) 4 Cleric, Death Malak's Character Sheet
Chief of Police Grand Grand Lizard Dead (Hanged Himself in a Well) 4 Barbarian Chief of Police Grand's Character Sheet
Roynd Peter Dead (Resisting a Prisoner Transfer) 5 Battle Master Roynd's Character Sheet
Pyriel mistercmp Dead (Divinely Smited) 5 Paladin Pyriel's Character Sheet
Cap'n Maystar Rynopocalypse Dead (Soul destroyed by the Silverglade's vault guardian) 5 Rouge Cap'n Maystar's Character Sheet
Granny Mayaya angry pete Dead (Friendly fire isn't) 5 Druid Granny Mayaya's Character Sheet
Amon Thul Agr Dead (Bit in Half By an Archway) 6 Paladin Amon Thul's Character Sheet
Bilmop Metacomet10 Dead? (Disappeared after messing with an artifact) 8 Wizard Bilmop's Character Sheet

Languages Known