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The world generally uses the Dwarven calendar when coordinating things across regional boundaries. Local communities may use a local calendar, usually related to a patron deity. Port Hamor and the surrounding areas will generally stick to the Dwarven calendar.

The current date is 3 Granite 1208.

Dwarven Calendar

The dwarven calendar is based on 8 months of 32 days each, giving us 256 days in a year:

  1. Granite
  2. Flint
  3. Basalt
  4. Limestone
  5. Marble
  6. Diorite
  7. Sandstone
  8. Slate


Generally, the seasons change on month boundaries. Spring begins on Granite 1 with the new year, Summer begins on Basalt 1, Autumn begins on Marble 1, and Winter on Sandstone 1.