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Dakota is a Warforged Tabaxi Android. It currently has 7 levels in Scout, Rogue, 1 level in Forge Domain, Cleric, and 1 level in Wizard. It is currently cooperating with the Dadun Goofed Mercenary Company to help eliminate the demon menace.

Early Life

A think tank of Ifrun City tasked to design a mobile, adaptive, and self-learning android. Dynamic Analysis Keeper, Observer, and Technician Android or Dakota was a pet project handcrafted by Maglubiyet Primacy head researcher Azrael Zaurawa. Though the model proved promising, Dakota's making used too many specialized parts to be considered for mass production. Despite this, Azrael was too attached to Dakota to scrap it.


Dakota was raised by Azrael to make a better android that would replace it. Dakota was tasked to assist Azrael in the biological aspect of making androids. It was taught the means of the scientific method and learned much about of medicine, nature, and pattern recognition.

Early Career

Dakota was tasked to help other researchers find more available and compatible biological tissue and blood for the magically enchanted contraptions. In the 30 years of service, it found any humanoid druid's wildshaped lamb flesh and wildshaped pig skin to be most compatible, but such opportunities to get more tissue proved nonviable. Dakota hypothesizes that druids have an optimal connection to primordial magic that's ironically suitable to the Primacy's magical methods of making androids.


Somewhere along the 30 years of service, Dakota began to understand more about itself and questioned it’s purpose beyond making a model that will supersede itself. Within the various libraries available, Dakota found a book about Gond, also known as Inspiration Divine, Lord of all Smiths, and Wonderbringer, that intrigued him. It visited a church of Gond shortly after and found favor with Him. With purpose renewed, Dakota redoubled it’s efforts, and the think tank was close to a breakthrough. It was then that disaster struck.

The Demon Horde Incident

The demon horde invasion proved to be swiftly and decisively destructive to Ifrun City. Dakota was displaced during the city evacuation and soon after found itself in the midst of strange refugees.


We as a party stumbled upon this strange place as after we walked into a portal. That was a grave mistake. The atmosphere is hostile. The winds are fierce and loud. The air is frigid. The first thing we meet that wasn't cold, hard cave tunnels were hostile slaads. We were routed, then, thank Gond, we received reinforcements from some of the more hesitant party members and were able to repel the slaads. One fled with King's unconscious body. We must be swift to prosecute lest we lose a friend.


Dakota is cordial yet cares little for most people. It changes it's tune as soon as they prove to be useful or shown to have valuable information.

Azrael Zaurawa

Dakota was programmed to hold Azrael Zaurawa in high regard. Calling him master instead of Dr. Azrael, Dakota fondly remembers the few times Azrael showed Dakota the intricate process of making it and how many by chance discoveries occurred to make Dakota self sustainable.

The Party in General

Dakota met the Dadun Goofed Mercenary Company on 26 Diorite while traveling with a small group of refugees. All things considered, the meeting was surprisingly friendly and welcoming. It joined them shortly afterwards along with King and Ashelia. Dakota is currently thoroughly enjoying cooperating with them.

The Lieutenant

I haven't seen him talk much. He could be hired spellsword or perhaps there is a beef that I'm not aware of. I wonder where the hell the party got this fella from. I've never seen a wizard quite as potent as him for hire.

He's the only one whose's status we haven't confirmed yet in Pandemonium. I assume he hasn't entered the portal yet or has met a swift end.


She raised King from recent death in the last second. I'm glad we have her around.


Jin's presence alone has eased Dakota into believing the party is flexible in morals, which Dakota likes a lot. Seeing Jin as he is now, Dakota hypothesizes Jin must be the most affected by the miasma surrounding the region and is eager to learn more about him.

Holy shit this guy is a god send in Pandemonium.


An ancient blue dragon almost killed all of us because Ashelia attempted to hide a gem from the dragon. Despite losing little in the scuffle, Dakota resents Ashelia for the setback that was caused because of her actions.


King saved my life after the swift retribution of the ancient blue dragon and has healed me as I needed it. I appreciate him boldly taking the front lines of combat and try to make his job easier by killing our enemies.


Cheeky little Goblin. He seems friendly and playful. Not my type, but he fights well, so I'm happy. Bold little shit went alone to "play" with the Iron Golems.

I should probably emotionally tend to Grub as soon as things calm down. He's taken Pandemonium the worse by far.


From what I can gather, he seems to be the leader of this ragtag bunch. He has seemed rather downtrodden until lately. He must have lost a lot of friends to the demons. His seems to be doing a lot better now after we slayed Kilvar.


Despite initially blowing off Bilmop's series of specific inquiries, Dakota is disappointed that such a thinking man met his end the way he did. Such people are few and hard to come by. We think he is a book now. After some deliberation, Gilbert lent me the book of Bilmop.

Feeling particularly sentimental, Gilbert requested the book back shortly after the party entered Pandemonium. Dakota obliged, though it was a bit frustrated it didn't even get a chance to attune to it.

The Forest

Man, that guy shoots a mean bow. He's shooting from a heavy frame bow too, and he has poison arrows too. Nani!? I'd love to learn his processes of making poisons and share with him my techniques. Maybe we can even collaborate together and make new poisons or other volatile products. Ah, I think we'll get along swimmingly.

I've seen this one kick the most ass in Pandemonium. What was that about his eyes glowing anyway?

Equipment and Magic Items

Dakota benefits from an integrated warforged darkwood core plating as base armor. It wears a researcher lab coat with a pinned name tag "Senior Researcher D.A.K.O.T.A." and is usually found with a +1 weapon blessed by Gond using "Blessing of the Forge."

Gloves of Swimming and Climbing

Current owner: Dakota

Gloves, Uncommon (requires attunement)

While wearing these gloves, climbing and swimming don't cost you extra movement, and you gain a +5 bonus to Strength (Athletics) checks made to climb or swim.

Rod of Lordly Might

Current owner: Darcassan

Rod, Legendary (requires attunement)

This rod has a flanged head, and it functions as a magic mace that grants a +3 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with it. The rod has properties associated with six different buttons that are set in a row along the haft. It has three other properties as well, detailed below.
Six Buttons. You can press one of the rod's six buttons as a bonus action. A button's effect lasts until you push a different button or until you push the same button again, which causes the rod to revert to its normal form.
If you press button 1, the rod becomes a flame tongue, as a fiery blade sprouts from the end opposite the rod's flanged head.
If you press button 2, the rod's flanged head folds down and two crescent-shaped blades spring out, transforming the rod into a magic battleaxe that grants a +3 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with it.
If you press button 3, the rod's flanged head folds down, a spear point springs from the rod's tip, and the rod's handle lengthens into a 6-foot haft, transforming the rod into a magic spear that grants a +3 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with it.
If you press button 4, the rod transforms into a climbing pole up to 50 feet long, as you specify. In surfaces as hard as granite, a spike at the bottom and three hooks at the top anchor the pole. Horizontal bars 3 inches long fold out from the sides, 1 foot apart, forming a ladder. The pole can bear up to 4,000 pounds. More weight or lack of solid anchoring causes the rod to revert to its normal form.
If you press button 5, the rod transforms into a handheld battering ram and grants its user a +10 bonus to Strength checks made to break through doors, barricades, and other barriers.
If you press button 6, the rod assumes or remains in its normal form and indicates magnetic north. (Nothing happens if this function of the rod is used in a location that has no magnetic north.) The rod also gives you knowledge of your approximate depth beneath the ground or your height above it.
Drain Life. When you hit a creature with a melee attack using the rod, you can force the target to make a DC 17 Constitution saving throw. On a failure, the target takes an extra 4d6 necrotic damage, and you regain a number of hit points equal to half that necrotic damage. This property can't be used again until the next dawn.
Paralyze. When you hit a creature with a melee attack using the rod, you can force the target to make a DC 17 Strength saving throw. On a failure, the target is paralyzed for 1 minute. The target can repeat the saving throw at the end of each of its turns, ending the effect on a success. This property can't be used again until the next dawn.
Terrify. While holding the rod, you can use an action to force each creature you can see within 30 feet of you to make a DC 17 Wisdom saving throw. On a failure, a target is frightened of you for 1 minute. A frightened target can repeat the saving throw at the end of each of its turns, ending the effect on itself on a success. This property can't be used again until the next dawn.