Corrupted Rod of Chaos

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Current owner: Unknown Balor (Vingrumak?)

Rod, Legendary (requires attunement)

Individual Piece's Effects
  • Ruat: Heal 1/day
  • Caelum: Hold Monster 1/day
  • Fiat: True Seeing 1/day
  • Justitia: Gust of Wind 5/day
  • Ecce: Haste 1/day
  • Lex: Slow 1/day
  • Rex: Cure Wounds 1/day
Cumulative Piece's Effect
  • 2 - Fly at will (target restricted to self)
  • 3 - Advantage on all saving throws vs. magic, counts as a +2 arcane focus
  • 4 - Control winds 2/day
  • 5 - Shape Change 2/day, counts as a +3 arcane focus
  • 6 - Wind walk 1/day
  • All 7 - Greater Restoration 1/day, counts as a +5 arcane focus, aura
Cursed by Demogorgon to be the ultimate tool of Chaos, the fully finished Corrupted Rod of Chaos is cursed though its constituent parts are not. The curse takes effect the moment the rod is assembled and effects the attuned holder of the rod. The holder's alignment immediately changes to Chaotic, though Good-Evil are unaffected. The aura of Law is actually an aura of Chaos, and those of a lawful alignment who are within 15' of the rod must make a DC 20 Charisma saving throw or be struck by a form of indefinite madness; those of neutral alignment must make a DC 15 Charisma saving throw or get the fear condition towards the rod and its wielder. This aura can affect a given creature only once per hour.
A Balor from the Abyss stole this item from Nala. The party no longer has the rod. The balor said its name was Vingrumak.