Astrid Arklys

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Physical Description

Astrid is a young, fair-skinned petite lady. Her eyes are dark brown, and her hair is a hazelnut blend of blonde and brown. Her warpick has a white and red rosary that she uses to pray and focus to Rithys and Itia. Her scale mail armor fits her a touch too tight, and her demeanor carries a faint smile.

Early Career

Astrid worked as a general ranch hand in her early teens, helping her mother run the shop and care for the animals. Be it by flighty will or divine stirring, she could feel this gnawing emptiness within her and sought for a greater calling in life. She found it in fervent belief in Rithys and Itia. Her faith moves her to think about the bigger picture and make the world a better place for the common people. Her current thoughts are focused on something more tangible like helping Adelale. She looks fondly to Sir Titus Vence Visius as an example. The current mission to eliminate the Xvarts harassing Adelale is a divine call to her and has helped her maintain morale despite heavy causalities.


Astrid is the middle child of the family of Arklys. Her mother, Jessica Arklys, runs the stable in Adelale and has ties to the Society of the Spiritual Ribbon. Her father, Alvarado Arklys, works as a lesser count functionary. Her younger sister, Lily Arklys, is a prodigy aspiring to be a bard. Her older brother, Jacob Arklys, is a squire to Titus.

Astrid has seen many of her comrades die in various, horrible ways, but is strongly maintaining her connection to humanity. She wishes the party well and especially enjoys the company of Silus. She worries for Tiberious; concerned that he too may fall as his relatives have.