Agatha Nassou

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Agatha as a young woman acting as a guard in Sarkney.

Early Life in Sarkney

Agatha grew up in Sarkney as the only child to the Nassou family. Alex, Agatha's father, really wants a son and is still trying to make another child with Hera, Agatha's mother. Agatha grew to want to make her father proud, so she talked him into getting her in as a townsguard. Alex taught Agatha to use the bow on his off time.

Early Career

Nassou has acted as a guard for 6 months now. She's had to break a couple of bar fights and arrested several vagrants. She's taken several shift for her father patroling the streets and manning the wall, so he could spend more quality time with her mother.

Heirloom / Keepsake

Alex has allowed Agatha to have his really nice mastercrafted Shortbow, "Shiftstick," in exchange for taking some of his night shifts. Alex had it made when he was called into conscripted service in a large city.