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Lord Commander Adwic is a half-elf nobleman from Vinosea, the Theocracy of the Golden Blade. He is currently currently serving as the Lord Commander of Port Hamor in the new world. Lord Commander Adwic, the Forest Bear, previously served in the Vinosean Military, though most of his career was shrouded in secrecy. Rumors persist that he was a member of the Ethereals, a special forces detachment of the Vinosean Military who the Council of High Priests insist do not exist. Known for being strict, but meticulously fair, he was tapped to act as the combined political and military head of Port Hamor in 1372 by the Council of High Priests.

He is known to not look favorably on adventurers, seeing them as undisciplined sources of crime and corruption.

Good, let it leak that there is something powerful in the swamps; adventurers can't help but seek out sources of power. They will either clear out the swamps or reduce the number of adventurers in my city. Either is a benefit.

Lord Commander Adwic upon hearing that a party of adventurers had been wiped out in the swamps a few days' journey from Port Hamor

Administrative Duties

Most of Lord Commander Adwic's time is taken with the mundane day-to-day operations of a small city. Despite being on the frontier, Port Hamor has grown faster than he or anyone anticipated. While this has slowed somewhat due to the tensions between the five major powers, petty crimes and whining nobles occupy his days.

Security Duties

As the head of Port Hamor's city watch, Lord Commander Adwic is nominally the ranking military officer in the region. Most of the day-to-day city watch operations are handled by his 3 lieutenants: Mundu Byrnstio, Harder Liamund, and Melcha. Due to recent tensions between the five powers, Port Hamor's garrison has been reduced to the bare minimum to maintain order inside the city walls. Despite encroachments by hostile creatures in these lands, requests for reinforcements have been denied.