Adventure Logs/The Northern Watchtower Assault

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The Participants

  • Bearkiller, a fighter
  • Forest, a ranger
  • Lieutenant, a wizard
  • Nogashi, a monk
  • Olórin, a warlock or paladin?
  • Red, a druid

Based on rumors from multiple guards, we petitioned the Lord Commander Adwic of Port Hamor for monetary assistance to investigate the cause of the infestation of miremals in the Northern Watchtower and eliminate it. An agreement was made, and we left on 17 Marble 1386.

The Northern Watchtower

Upon arriving at the ruined northern watchtower, we were set upon by two miremals. We attacked them until they turned to a swamp-like puddle. We soon realized that they were playing dead and dispatched them. We cleared most of the underground level of the watchtower of these miremal and came across Othrog Uzgat, bound and blinded by bearers of the mark below. We freed and fed him, and tended to his wounds. We then further explored the underground level.

Eventually, we found an ominous room that led to a stairway down an ancient obsidian door. We searched the area for any leads and found a strange, magical sword. After, blowing up a long crevice on a wall, we found 3 masked figures bearing the same mark above along with 6 miremals. We engaged them, slaughtered the lot of them except for a masked spellcaster who seemed to be the leader of the group. We knocked her out and interrogated her. The blue-eyed lady proved completely unresponsive to our questions and left us no choice but to kill her.

Strange Mark.png

The End

After killing the spellcaster, we made our way back to Othrog Uzgat, who mysteriously disappeared. We saw that there were no signs of struggle, so we assumed that he was rescued. We made our way back to Port Hamor to report to Lord Adwic and noticed a single set of footprints on the wet dirt road that closely matched those of Othrog Uzgat. Several hours past as we neared Port Hamor. To our shock, we found Uzgat’s corpse, hanging from a tree with that mark carved to his forehead. We returned late on 20 Marble 1386. We gave our report to Lord Adwic and received a generous reward for our efforts.

To anyone reading, I implore you to give any information regarding bearers of this mark to us or Lord Commander Adwic. You will be doing Port Hamor a great service by reporting these people