About Us

To put it simply, the |VIP| Gaming Community is a group of like-minded gamers who like to hangout and have fun. Our community was founded in 2016 and has been running strong ever since. We originally started as a small group of friends playing one game together but have since grown to a large community of friends who play multiple games together.

Throughout the years, we have been extremely fortunate to gain an amazing group of core members who have since become moderators, administrators, and leaders of our community. These outstanding people have helped to make our community what it is, along with those who game with us every day.

If you were wondering, our community is currently regularly playing a wealth of games including: Escape From Tarkov, Among Us, Unfortunate Spacemen, Dread Hunger, Tabletop Simulator, D&D, Stellaris, Crusader Kings, Barotrauma and other random games here and there. We also run regularly scheduled community game nights and a movie night every Sunday in our Discord server.

Anyone is more than welcome to come and join us for our weekly game nights or movie night, just pop into the Discord on Tuesday night, Wednesday night, Thursday night, or Sunday night at 8pm CST. For a complete/current schedule of our weekly game nights, ask any community staff member/director/leader.

Anyway, we hope that you will join us in our gaming adventures and we also hope you consider helping to support us in further improving and expanding our community that we love! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please direct them to any of our community staff members, directors, or leaders. Thank you for checking us out and we hope to see you around!

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